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Tal Kortemark (@tal.attitude) Instagram Profile Photo

Tal Kortemark

Mimi Rolling/Suphap (@miminisanat) Instagram Profile Photo

Mimi Rolling/Suphap

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Bloomin Uterus

San Diego, California

Do you ever feel that overwhelming guilt that the people we love have to work so hard, whether or not their job is their passion, while most of us are unable to work because of my illnesses. There are so many women who are unable to get disability, & still have to work, putting their bodies through stress & pushing through unimaginable . Sending all our EndoSisters love today, & always 💛💪🌼. #toolong

P O P S I E 🌿 (@popsieandherpages) Instagram Profile Photo

P O P S I E 🌿

It's a tough week. It's 7 years ago today since I last saw this guy & it's the anniversary of "the day" on Friday. And another year has passed, just like that. I can not put into words how much I miss him. What I'd give to be able to hug him once more. To hear that utterly infectious laugh of his or see that smile which just screamed mischief and trouble! He had faults. Just a few. And they were big. But they weren't big enough to outweigh the good person that he was most of the time. The fact that there was nothing he wouldn't do for me. The fact that we were friends as well as Dad and Daughter. I will never stop being sad that he isn't here, that he doesn't call me at the most irritating times. That when I sneeze he doesn't get on my nerves faffing over me because he thinks I'm getting poorly! The world is a lesser place without him in it. My world is different. Thankfully I have my amazing husband and babies & family & friends who have made it bearable. The thought the the kids will never really know him breaks my heart a little more each time I realise it all over again. The last time I saw him I drove up in the worst traffic I've ever sat in. It was hot, the kids were annoyed & I was stressy. I didn't even get out the car. He didn't want me hanging around so opened the doors, kissed his babies, blew me one, told us he loved us and closed the doors. I drove away, watching him as he walked up the road away from us, not realising that would be the last time I saw him awake. Thankfully, I did speak to him again. And I did get to tell him I loved him. Not everyone gets that, and I'll always be thankful I did... . .. ... #toolong

Wayne McGregor (@waynemcgregor6223) Instagram Profile Photo

Wayne McGregor

Ain't nuthin like family. #toolong

Agata Kruszewska (@hakuna_magata) Instagram Profile Photo

Agata Kruszewska


📸 By the lovely Claartje Gieben. @festivalwonderfeel and @dtrh_festival performances done, the King Lear production with @hollandopera done, all of which with @jongnbe. Cheers to another great season like this one! 🍻 #toolong

Stu Willis (@stu.willis) Instagram Profile Photo

Stu Willis

Dusted off the board. Very excited to get back out. It's been too long! 🏄🏽‍♂️ #toolong 🏄🏼‍♂️

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