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Jupiter, Florida

Some more safety tips about the toad invasion. Every summer the roads come out and although their cracking may be soothing in the early mornings, remember that they are actually a hazard to you and to humans as well. Read over this safety guide and what to watch out for. If you pet comes in contact with one follow the instructions and contact your immediately. Watch for small children interacting with the roads as well . These are poisonous creatures... . . . . #toads 🐶😺🐶😺🐶😺🐶😺

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Chapel Hill Garden Club

We have dozens of these cute little frogs (toads?) hopping adorably and rapidly around our garden. Their coloration helps them blend in to their surroundings, and we never even notice them until we see them hopping. This one stopped to pose on this rock. While the closeup photo makes it look large, in fact it’s quite small, about the size of an almond. I’m confused about whether it’s a frog or a toad. Frogs supposedly have smooth, almost slimy-looking skin, long and round, protruding eyes, while toads are supposed to have warty-looking skin, shorter and flatter, football-shaped eyes. I’m undecided on this little guy. Can anybody out there help identify this cutie? #toads

Found him at the antique mall! I'm calling him Leg Zeppelin. #toads

Bristol, United Kingdom

Living it up in Bristol with the Brussels Fam 🥰 #toads

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