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Sydney, Australia

Okay but I didn't even sleep last night ☠️😴 . girl

Life 2.0 - So guess who had a meltdown last night, bawled her eyes out and then napped for 3hrs - that's right; this right here!!! I've been in a serious funk the last couple of days. As someone who has struggled with mental health for years I always really try to be aware of my headspace now. Prior to itioning I was on different meds & attended various, doctors, counsellors & psychiatrists (fun times)- I'm glad to say I've been off the meds for nearly a year now as coming out & itioning was a major part of my recovery. Luckily Chrissy was on hand as he listened to me rant & rave on the other end of the phone. After me spiling my guts, Chrissy pointed out a few things, not once did I mention any of the good things that has happened to me lately, I was so caught up in the negative that I allowed myself to be that person I was before for all those years. So with that said: 1) I'm going to keep a physical list of the positives things that happen in my live. 2) When negative things happen I'm going to deal with it when it happens & not dwell on it. 3) Stop comparing myself to others (especially online!!!). So if you made it this far, you are crazy, but thank you for reading 💖 Roll on the weekend and a fresh start 💖💋 . . . DM if you have questions/looking to discuss LGBT+ issues & news . . . 🌈 pride girl girlsofinstagram isbeautiful isbeautiful pride visibility woman womenarewomen

Austin, Texas

Say you’ll love me either way

**collab announcement!!💯💯💯 ** I remember when I was around 10 years old, standing in front of the bathroom mirror and wishing that I would be able to have a beard one day. Using my dads razor and shaving brush to try and make the hair on my face grow. I'm super excited to announce that I will be collaborating with @copenhagengrooming to see if we can grow this beard! I'll be using their beard activation kit everyday and will be sharing my progress with you all! @copenhagengrooming thankyou! #thisiswhattranslookslike

Marbella, Spain

Day 2 of recovery and my first full day out of hospital Sleep last night was good I felt soo drained by around 9pm went to bed and fell asleep got woken up around 5am and couldnt get back to sleep. Somhow I woke up sleeping on my side even though I forced myself to sleep on my back so I hope I didnt cause any damage to the stitches. It looks like a fairly easy routine taking the meds so far My right eye seems go be a bit more swollen than the other day but I think it's just part of the healing process or the way I ended up sleeping Every time I look in mirror I have tears of joy since finally being able to complete the surgery that I had been waiting soo long for as I struggled alot seeing the brow ridge always thinking my face looked like a cave person but now it's gone couldnt be happier Later today I have my nurse visit for a check up so I mite do another post in the eavning Hope everyone is well and is having a lovly week❤ isbeautiful journey itioning girl pride ition visibility

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