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The Conversation

Brouwpodium Bossche Brouwers aan de Vaart

We bestaan op 30 augustus 1 jaar met #theconversation en wat zijn we trots. ❤️ Dus dat gaan we vieren, samen met jou! ✨ In de @bosschebrouwers vanaf 16:00, het event vind je op @facebook 💙 Kom je mee kletsen? Bieren? Netwerken? We hebben verschillende verassingen voor jullie in petto!

Siya 'Issa' Mbatha (@tribalbieng) Instagram Profile Photo

Siya 'Issa' Mbatha

...Rest in peace finally my biggest fear has become a reality, My dre of being at ease from the pressure of making it, It doesn't matter if I successful anymore the question that remains is the most important, Believers asking if he is in Hell or if he Graduated to Heaven, The ones that can't let Go wishing I get reincarnated... #TheConversation #TheConversation

Siya 'Issa' Mbatha (@tribalbieng) Instagram Profile Photo

Siya 'Issa' Mbatha

If I died today would you miss me A life lived on absolutely nothing but Hope, Hoping One day it would ount to something meaningful, Meaning that when I'm gone I also want my ne mentioned with the Greats, Great moments shared with my loved ones remembered by those who remain, Stay! Take care of all that is left and remember my lessons, Its a blessing to have shared time with you who crys for me now that I gone, Don't feel and know I'm in a better place, The Race is over for me I crossed the finish line  days ago, I want you to know that I have reached my Goal which has always been eternal peace, This is hard for me because I can no longer speak, I'm sleeping but I talk through the memories we had, Shout at you from the pictures we took in the past, Relax we both knew this life wouldnt last... #TheConversation

Henry Farrar-Hockley (@hoorah) Instagram Profile Photo

Henry Farrar-Hockley

((Careless talk costs lives.)) #TheConversation

Elyse McSorley (@she_bear856) Instagram Profile Photo

Elyse McSorley

I wish he would...... #theconversation

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