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Bird Dog Talent (@birddogtalent) Instagram Profile Photo

Bird Dog Talent

As an employer, are you still fighting against working from home? If so, you could be your company in the long run. This trend is not going away. #telecommuting

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Blush Market Boutique

What is better than some good ol' coffee with a view? We're going to need it since we are planning out new items for the boutique for fall! #telecommuting

C3NTRO Telecom

Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que nuestro compromiso de expansión hoy continúa materializándose, con nuestra moderna oficina en . Conoce nuestro showroom en este video. . . . . . . uting

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Part time work from home job available today! Check out the video in my bio for more info and to apply! • • • • #telecommuting

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SpiderPosts | Motivation

Seattle, Washington

Stay Motivated! . . . Follow us @spider_posts  for more such content!

Pune, Maharashtra

So I’ve been working on trying to reinvent myself and while I was getting in my daily reading on productivity, I came across an article that spoke about the power of cooking your own meals. It made me think so hard and guess what? It’s been a whole week your girl hasn’t looked for a new restaurant to eat at or a new cuisine to try. If you’ve been here for a while, you know how big that part of my life is. I say “is”, because I don’t plan on giving up on that. But yes, my newfound making-atleast-one-meal-a-day policy has been therapeutic in an otherworldly manner. Entering this kitchen, taking charge of my food, is the time of the day I look forward to the most now. Yes, even more than training.

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