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Me n my good friend @jefferyaisbell

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Logan ✖️✖️✖️🏒🐻

One of the albums that lead me down the straight edge path and I’m forever thankful for it!! . “No more!, just looking out for myself!, the price you pay is the life of something else!, no more!, I won’t participate!, no more!! #straightedge #straightedge @straightedgeworldwide @revelationrecords

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goth angel🖤🥀🕷

- on the serious side note: i’m staying woke as and breaking the cycle of mistakes i’ve been making. i’m educating myself to not get too invested with these hoes. so, with R, she is not over her ex. she too, has a M. so i get it. its really not ing easy. but I NOT a second choice. I NOT someone to time with. I me, and I won’t settle for bull . she also still sees the tattoo artist. so, why should i be hitting her up all the time? why would i put all effort into someone that probably will heavily disappoint me for this time being at least. so honestly i never text her first. because i know my answer. we talk but she aint my girl. i don’t settle.

goth angel🖤🥀🕷 (@gothipy) Instagram Profile Photo

goth angel🖤🥀🕷

- R is probably punk chic of my dreams. the way she carries herself is admirable. so self driven and pionate. family orientated, independent as , loves whole heartedly. she’s absolutely stunning. she’s honest and blunt. me and her have both openly confronted each other about topics, which we’ve both responded with honesty and respect. what a woman... . you wouldnt think she was a goth at heart. she can fit herself with any kind of people, she is likable. she has a big personality, confident and strong. she wants meaning to her life. we make intense eye contact when we speak. we agree to disagree. i was watching her clean her apartment playing her fav emo music, and i went into my fantasy for a second and was like, wow one day i’m gonna have a bad wife who loves metal music and can admire her in her own environment being her. so i did that for a while with R. I don’t think she realizes how beautiful i find her. and no, i don’t need to her to like her. i like her for her.

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Ceguera-Juvenil 🇦🇷

Diferentes Actitudes Juveniles (D.A.J.) (ARG) "IN" (1997) punk #straightedge

Palm Springs, California

Days I never posted about of my three-month cross-country rubbertramp trip with Alyssa last year, November 23rd and 24th: Heading back east began. Lotsa long drives through nothingness. It took two days to beg enough gas money to get to our next stop. We’d found an unopened bag of these sea salt and black pepper peanuts on the ground somewhere a while back and they became one of our new favorite snacks. Denny’s was dinner: veggie skillet mixed with has browns. #straightedge

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