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Wendy Bloom

Yes!! Stop separating families. #stopseparatingfamilies

London, United Kingdom

My love finally received “indefinite leave to remain” status in the UK! It’s such a huge relieve and worry taken off our shoulders. Many of you may not know that Ben is American and I German. When we started dating 10 years ago we were in a transatlantic, long distance relationship. It was like that for 4 years until we got married and Ben moved here. 6 years later we’ve finally been organised enough (who else loathes bureaucracy 🙄) to sort out the legalities..facing Brexit and all. It feels azing to finally have it sorted. No more worries at borders ect. We are feeling very privileged, being white, western immigrants. I know many many filies are facing huge struggles 😔

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We need to stop this 🖕 ‼️ #stopseparatingfamilies U said make América great and u making it worse. Just think if u were with them u will feel the same thing bc the only thing they coming here is for a better life. "JUST STOP THIS TRUMP"

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Native American

(LINK TO PETITION IS IN OUR BIO) We are sharing this petition to help stop the separation of families of our Indigenous Relatives from Mexico, Central America and other parts of the world. They are being held in Prison like concentration camps many being privately ran that are in horrible conditions, our relatives are starving, being put in cramped cells, suffering abuse, being denied the proper mental health care they need, being given rotten food etc. Several detainees have even committed because of this. We are asking people to please sign this petition and share it as well on social media (Instagram, Facebook etc) ,with family, friends and anyone that will be willing to sign it. After signing the petition there will be the option for a donation to help further promote the petition (Optional), just as little as $1 will go a long way. We know it's a long shot but anything helps And we have to do anything we can for our Indigenous Migrant Relatives, Most importantly our Children, so they can no longer suffer the traumatic event of being forcefully taken away from their parents, and so the children's parents can no longer suffer seeing their precious liitle children being forcefully ripped from their arms, Thank you✊❤️🌎 #Stopseparatingfamilies please follow me: -@[@wenativeamerican_

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Me and my elementary school peers used to sing this “nursery rhyme” as we played a hand game. I once read that nursery rhymes are states of what has happened in the past just made more modern or sweeter like “ grab the tiger by the toe” nursery rhyme was originally “nigger by the toe” it’s so crazy how all this ICE raiding and what’s happening at the boarder is happening and we were singing like this as kids. #stopseparatingfamilies

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Lori Waselchuk

Little Silver Lake

Day 909: -T is heading back to , thankful for the time to reconnect with amazing family like @sara.w.nichols Thanks @mirabhayroo for the great photo. #stopseparatingfamilies

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