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BUY A BED FOR SOMEONE LESS FORTUNATE With today being Mandela Day & a cold front approaching it's the perfect day to make a difference. Only R60.00 (less than US$5) gets someone a bed at The Haven Nightshelter for 5 nights. If you're spending USD / GBP / AUD / EUR then that's spare change for most people & it can really make a difference in someone else's life. Visit the website below - it only takes a couple of minutes. #staywarm

M A R K E T S T O C K . Guys! I love your enthusiasm and support! Keep it coming! At the simple wife. headquarters (AKA tucked away in the study at my place) we are also busy trying to build up market stock. Your custom orders are still most welcome, and will take up to 2 weeks to complete. Don’t forget to share your new Boobicino Hoodie with your friends and spread the word. We’re also excited to be releasing some summer stock (eeek! Already?) in the near future. #staywarm

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Treat yourself this winter ❄️🙌 Hot stone Massage special 90min. Receive Boss goodies bag✨🎁 for Limited time! #staywarm

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