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CREATIVE ROAMERS (@creativeroamers) Instagram Profile Photo


Robin Doering | Photographer (@robin.doering) Instagram Profile Photo

Robin Doering | Photographer

Raphaël Bilodeau (@raphael.bilodeau) Instagram Profile Photo

Raphaël Bilodeau

Ramin | Photo (@ramin_photo) Instagram Profile Photo

Ramin | Photo

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Alvaro Valiente

Jose Rivera ✨🤟🏻🇬🇹 (@jcrivbran) Instagram Profile Photo

Jose Rivera ✨🤟🏻🇬🇹

Portography 포르투스냅🇵🇹 (@porto.graphy) Instagram Profile Photo

Portography 포르투스냅🇵🇹

Porto, Portugal

오랜만의 포스팅이네요😭 _ 6월, 7월 내내 휴식 없이 촬영하고 영국, 러시아, 프랑스에 방문하고 또 보정을 하느라 정신없는 나날을 보냈습니다 😭 _ 현재는 재정비를 위해 잠깐 한국을 방문했으며, 순차적으로 고객님들 사진을 보정하고 전달해드리고 있어요! _ 작업이 너무 많이 밀려있어서 전달이 조금은 지연이 되고 있는 점 양해부탁드려요🙏🏻🙏🏻 _ 그리고 하반기를 위해 새로운 것들을 조금씩 준비해보려구요! . . 9-12월 문의 받습니다!👌🏻 . . @porto.graphy @cocufoto . . 문의 : 카톡 portography or DM . . . . . . . . . . . #stayandwander

Need more of this!

Alyssa Baldwin (@alyswin) Instagram Profile Photo

Alyssa Baldwin

🌞🌸 Walks are an absolutely beautiful activity to me. Time slows down for moments to smell flowers, say hellos, have deep breaths, and so much more that gives appreciation to life. Gentle moments for your thoughts. It forgives rest of the day. - 🦋🐛🐌🌿🌲💐 My dad and I used to take walks as he taught me all the names of the flora and fauna that we would pass. We would stop to touch, smell, and appreciate this natural world. I couldn’t help but continue to fall in love with all the nature that surrounds me. How could I not? My dad handed me his love and it took the of wildflower gardens and hand-picked bouquets. He let his child innocence meet me when I had mine and those memories helped me to see the connectedness between me, you, and the Earth at a young age. - 🤳🏼 When I walk past most people I’ve noticed they are on their phones or listening to something. They fail to see the beauty around them let alone say hello. It’s interesting to notice how disconnected we seem to be getting. I believe If we can observe the wonders of our surroundings and get comfortable with not having the safety net of our phone on us at all times, although tough, we can then begin to observe how much opportunity is surrounding us and every given moment. It’s too exciting to miss out on, don’t you agree?

Ⓜike Ⓥericker (@m__g__v) Instagram Profile Photo

Ⓜike Ⓥericker

Gili Trawangan

Unridable but fun to watch peel around this little bend in the reef.

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