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SRIVATSA | Balancing Life (@srivatsa_raju) Instagram Profile Photo

SRIVATSA | Balancing Life

Svetlana Parmar (@svetlanaparmar) Instagram Profile Photo

Svetlana Parmar

Lisa Winterton Moore (@lisawinmoore) Instagram Profile Photo

Lisa Winterton Moore

Jennifer Lawrence (@jencurtmaile) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer Lawrence

Feeling on top of the world! 💪🏻🏔 And Prüvit Ketones have definitely been a tool to get me where I am! The past 10 months I have gained so much strength, lost so much weight I had been carrying almost all my life, have way more energy to enjoy the things I love, my mood has changed drastically and I feel better than ever!😁 I’m so excited for the future and the amazing team that supports me every step of the way💕 💪 #starttoday

I wish I had the right words to put RISE weekend into writing. It’s safe to say that the entire event is instagr worthy, and photo ge strong... but it’s SO.MUCH.MORE. than. that. It takes special humans to be as sought out as @msrachelhollis and @mrdavehollis and still take the time to not only pour their hearts and souls into helping others but to actually listen to their stories. I so moved by the emotions that were put out and received today that all I can say is this: THANK YOU to the most dedicated (and married strong 💪) power-te for building a community of people from every walk of life that feels loved, feels heard and feels EMPOWERED. You put one size fits all into a whole new meaning 👏 👏 PS- I danced on a staircase rail just for a start today hat #starttoday. #starttoday

Warwick, New York

Kickball selfie in 1000% heat! Last game of the season and also day 50 of working out! Halfway to my 100 day goal! #starttoday

🌺 Cassie Larsen 🌺 (@cassie.f.larsen) Instagram Profile Photo

🌺 Cassie Larsen 🌺

“Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life, but it will surely add life to your years.” • • There are so many reasons why I have a smile on my face. If I started to list them, I would run out of room. But let me list a few... • • 1️⃣ I have 3 beautiful children 2️⃣ I have a great job 3️⃣ My husband loves and supports me 4️⃣ I have amazing people in my life that believe in me 5️⃣ I get to be apart of an amazing business that also believes in me • • Life is too short to sit around think, “what if.” When I near the end of my life, I want to be able to look back and say, “I have zero regrets!” • • If you are one to sit around and pass up opportunities, don’t pass up this one I’ve got coming atcha! The Morning Meltdown is about to start and you don’t want FOMO! • • Quit waiting to live you life, and don’t end up with regrets! Say yes, and start today! #StartToday

At least I can rule out hangover? . #starttoday

Jami Allred Rogers (@jamiallyn) Instagram Profile Photo

Jami Allred Rogers

It can be so hard to stay healthy while traveling. But a little prep before hand can make a ton of difference. I always bring oatmeal packets with me. They fill me up and are good in a pinch. Pack or buy some almonds. Whether you are traveling at breakfast, lunch or dinner time, try and buy or make a veggie sandwich to bring with you. It will keep you full and feeling better than airplane food. Buy water. Drink water! You will feel better than if you drank tons of caffeine. Don’t forget to wipe you plane seat, table and monitor with wipes. Planes only get cleaned every 30 days! Yuck! Just a few easy tricks and tips to keep your health routine going all flight long.

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