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Feel Good With Mel (@melissahoylex) Instagram Profile Photo

Feel Good With Mel

Angie Bradley (@angbradley8) Instagram Profile Photo

Angie Bradley

Lia Leilani (@lia_brown) Instagram Profile Photo

Lia Leilani

Indianapolis, Indiana

IG vs Reality (swipe left 👉🏻) . Me: “hey, this’ll be a great spot to take a pic!” Also me: “Damn this thing is burning my ass!!” . Note to self: be wary of the Midwest summer heat. 🤣🤣🤣 . . . . . #startnow

Nancy Leeds Gribble (@nancylg27) Instagram Profile Photo

Nancy Leeds Gribble

The Woodlands, Texas

Find your fire!🔥🔥🔥 What lights you up? What feels so authentic with your soul that just thinking about it makes you happy, calm, exited, peaceful? It is different for every one of us but you know you have found it when it is what you constantly gravitate towards. When you could have a million things going on, and just thinking about it brings you comfort, joy, happiness. It’s living, not just existing. And it doesn’t have to be just one thing. It can be many. The key is to find them and then figure out how they can happen in your life. The time is now! If you have been sitting on the sidelines of your own life, constantly hearing yourself say “next week, one day, if only..”then it’s time to jump in and play all out! The day to day routines of life, social media, negative friends and/or family, financial woes- they can all take their toll and we think that’s all there is. But it’s not, there is SO much more out there for you. But you have to be willing to take the leap and go for it. And tiny leaps count!!! What constantly calls you? I’d love to hear and be connected to a group of women all going for what lights them up! You got this!!💫💫💫

Actually used this tonight. Having space open up in my life feels good. #startnow

Ellen Peacock ✨dōTERRA Oils (@theaddoilmama) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellen Peacock ✨dōTERRA Oils

Northern Ireland

✨dōTERRA roller touches✨ They make it easier for us to grab one and use right away! Some of these are already diluted with FOC (fractionated coconut oil) to use while protecting sensitive skin and delivering the benefits found in essential oils. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love to give certain roller touches for Daniel to use when practising golf or travelling. I also have some in Zac’s bag and I can apply them on him when we’re out. And of course I’ve got my pouch full of oils to use during the day! 💛

Brianna Allen (@brimarieallen) Instagram Profile Photo

Brianna Allen

Start Unfresh. - Start tired and busy. Start without knowing it all or being perfect. - Start something new in the spaces between. Between the meetings and kid drop offs. Between the errands and home improvements. - Start where you are, plant the seeds now, so a year from now you can be in the place you always dreamed ⭐️

Ati Grinspun (@atigrinspun) Instagram Profile Photo

Ati Grinspun

Las Vegas, Nevada

Rome was not built in a day. - You will learn, achieve, and conquer...little by little, at your own pace and in your own time. - Don't let the big stair make you shy away from the first step. - You deserve the mountain. you have to start somewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . #startnow

Tara Roscioli (@highway2well) Instagram Profile Photo

Tara Roscioli

New Jersey

PREACH, sister! Whether we are talking about your business, your health and wellness goals, your finances or cleaning out the freaking closet that won't clean itself...stop waiting for the perfect product or the perfect time, take a single action step and START NOW!

Düsseldorf, Germany

@feliksmind 🦁 Habe ich richtig gehört, dass es nicht geht? Äh ich glaube ich habe mich verhört? Ah du meinst es ernst haha!? Wenn man auf das Unbekannte stößt, man keine Ahnung hat und schon im Vorfeld über etwas urteilt, weil man ja irgendwo, von irgendjemanden gehört hat, es sei nicht möglich. Wenn du auf diese Weise durchs Leben läufst, ja dann wirst du auch nur das haben, was die andern haben, weil du die Dinge tust, die andere tun. Ich habe mich für meine persönliche Entwicklung entschieden und das war die beste Entscheidung in meinem Leben. Ich habe weniger Momente, in dem ich mich schlecht fühle, ich weiß nun, dass das Glück in uns steckt, wir voller Liebe sind und das alles möglich ist, alles was wir uns vorstellen können. Ich habe nach 26 Jahren, Menschen, Skills und noch viel mehr kennen gelernt, was meine Lebensqualität enorm gesteigert hat. Alles fing mit einer Entscheidung an. @feliksmind 🦁

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