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Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C. (@mandelbaumlaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Mandelbaum Salsburg P.C.


We are excited to share that the Irving Mandelbaum Family Advocacy Room at Lifetown is complete! This beautiful space on the 1st floor is where families of individuals with #specialneeds can learn about future planning, talk one-on-one with about the laws that protect their children and much more. Lifetown will open its doors in early September and we are so excited to be a part their incredible facility.

navy_dxb_volunteer (@navy_dxb_volunteer) Instagram Profile Photo


Senses Centre

WhereEver we Go, We Share only ❤️ and 🥳.. Join us next Friday 🤩 • • • • • • • • • • #specialneeds

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Toni Lynn Perry

This makes my heart so full!! 💕👌🏻🥰 . . . . . . #specialneeds

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Autism West Behavior Partner

We never stop believing! 💙💚💛💜⠀ Connect with us on our website (link in bio) or call 720-634-9500.⠀ Autism West Behavioral Partners is a Mother and Veteran owned In-home ABA therapy company in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.⠀ #specialneeds

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Dylan Hoyt

Plano, Texas

Did I almost hit my head on the mirror several times because there is no where to deadlift at 24 hour fitness? Yes. Do hexagon plates suck? Yes. Did my shoot up early? Yes. Top set of 5 on deadlifts feeling rougher than it should. Honestly I think my were out of line because I'm to fat for this belt now and it's very stiff. Got a few rib bruises from these. Just might be doing deadlifts beltless for a while. Also I think this might be the heaviest set I've ever hook gripped with zero gnarles on these 24 hour bars. Even with a hook grip out almost slipped out off my hands Email me at for online programs and come train with me @thetrainersgymtx! #specialneeds

Welcome Home Angel (@welcomehomeangelinc) Instagram Profile Photo

Welcome Home Angel

This is what happiness looks like. Grayson seeing his bedroom for the first time 💞 Thank you @miller17161 and @dellallenmortgagebanker for making such a special space for a VERY special boy! . . . . . . #specialneeds

Homegrown Learners (@homegrown_learners) Instagram Profile Photo

Homegrown Learners

(Lots of pictures here!) The special needs ministry at our church ⛪️ (for adults!) is a tremendous blessing in our lives - and especially in the life of my Anna. ❤️ We completed three evenings of VBS this week - and Anna led the music. 🎶🎶The pure JOY she received was beautiful, and the JOY the participants received was beautiful as well. Not only do the special needs folks gain so much during this week, but every single volunteer leaves a better person. So many people in our church help, down to our youngest members who simply play alongside the participants and offer smiles and hugs. 🤗🤗 When I think of homeschooling and my oldest, I immediately think of the time and love invested in this ministry, that I know would not have happened without our freedom to homeschool. The adults who have invested in her - the parents of our special needs folks - have made a huge impact. We’re all feeling the after-glow of VBS today, and for that I grateful! #specialneeds

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