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Tyvette Symone

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π‡πžπ’ππ’ 𝐀𝐰


Question: If you lost everything today, how would you rebuild your life? πŸ€“


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Every thing that has happened to you, has happened for a reason. It may not make sense now, but it will in time. We only know what we feel think and do, we cannot always understand other people's actions, so don't beat yourself up about that. I wish you all peace πŸ™πŸΎ #speakyourtruth

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Rachel Oxborough

Colney Heath

Being different means, respecting others, being kind, forgiving to others and yourself, allowing yourself to be true to you, honesty, vulnerability and not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in. #speakyourtruth

OWN IT, REVEL IN IT, ENJOY IT ( Instagram Profile Photo


I have been presented with a once in a life time offer to be apart of a cpaign designed to created lasting change in the way we see mental health. Diving right in and even offering to speak at a public address. Yes, I myself. Yes, I definitely NOT want to fk it up. But most of all yes, I will show up and give my all. This is by far the biggest thing I have done for the club to date. People will know about us and all that we stand for! In the next couple of weeks I will be able to reveal all and hope you will join with me as we raise the roof on this topic. Give me a πŸ‘‘ if you are ready to own your throne!

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Lake Zurich

Your humanness is your credentials. How are you going to use it today? We get so stuck on what we don’t have in order to move with our creative ideas. One more diploma, one more experience, one more corner in your existence to heal, one more person to contact. You really don’t need much more than your humanness. You’ve accumulated so many experiences in your life that taught you so much. Stop wasting your time waiting to be perfect in something before you move on to give us something. The world needs your experience not your certificates. It is because of your suffering, not in spite of it, that YOU are the perfect one to teach, paint, write, talk, about your wisdom. Wisdom is a diond polished by life, angle after angle. The purpose of your life is not to get perfect in anything. Not even to master anything. All you need to do is live. Like actually live every experience you’ve got. When you keep on chasing one more thing before you can step up and share yourself with the world you’re run by the fear of missing out. Always on the move to the next stop while missing out the beauty of the fullness of this moment. And we tend to say β€œthis is such a situation to be in” β€œI don’t need this shit” β€œwhy I here again I’ve been going over this issue so many time before” and with that instantly rule out the wisdom that this uncomfortable, annoying experience has to offer you as gifts to share with the world. If you had really paid attention to the moments of your life you’d notice that each moment lived to its fullness is taking you somewhere. Your moment to moment will get you somewhere. This where you find the Love. . . .

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Design to the concept

:: 6 - Windows :: Recently when researching adding double glazing to the living room I realized what I remembered as casements were modified double hung windows. That is where you have a fixed lower window and turn the upper window into an awning; it may be a New Zealand modification, as I've never seen it in the U.S. It is a great way to maintain the look of double hung windows, and improve the weather tightness. :: This intrigued me when I saw it done in an added window in the Villa we rented. So much so, that I put in this kind of window in a sleep-out I later built to match my Villa. After seeing the above window photo in Branz Renovate 1940-1960s, pg.10 though, I'm thinking maybe they weren't modified, but built thus way originally. :: The other thing I like is to paint the window exteriors dark, so they recede. It is surprising what a difference it makes. When I was painting these (middle house in the photo) a neighbor came up and asked me what I had done to change the house so much, just a little paint. . . . . . #speakyourtruth

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