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Viveka Patel (@viveka_patel) Instagram Profile Photo

Viveka Patel

It's my immense pleasure to be invited as chief guest in the Grand Finale of Mr./ Miss. & Mrs. of Gujarat Fashion Show 2019 on 29th July. This event is organized by Bhavesh Kalani and presented by AB Events. Bhavesh Kalani LFC Films #socialworker

Viveka Patel (@viveka_patel) Instagram Profile Photo

Viveka Patel

Catch me live in the Sur srat Singing Competition organized by Path Charitable Trust on 21st of July at blind people association Vastrapur Ahemdabad. I invited there as a guest. LFC Films @lfc.films #socialworker

Miriam Schoenwald, LMSW (@personal_healing) Instagram Profile Photo

Miriam Schoenwald, LMSW

Rockland Lake State Park

"It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being." 🧤 . John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love . . . . . . . . . . . . #socialworker

#WeavEast (@weaveast) Instagram Profile Photo


The impossibility of things staying as they are gives birth to the possibility of change and from this rises a community of Weavers. Who else believes in Positive Social Change ? Identify with us !

Charlotte Abou-Heif, MSW, RSW (@charlotteabouheifmsw) Instagram Profile Photo

Charlotte Abou-Heif, MSW, RSW

“As adults, we carry one emotion into another. We sink into the heaviness of sadness and then carry that weight into the times of joy [...] they taught me not to let my sadness bleed into my joy. They knew how to stay in the moment, whether it was a happy or sad time. They didn’t push their joy away.” ⁣ ⁣ This article is such a good reminder for kids and adults alike that it’s okay to find moments of joy amidst the sadness and . I remember being at my dad’s funeral as a child and playing and laughing with friends. Children are unable to tolerate the emotional intensity of grief for long periods of time and therefore, move in and out of it. It is normal for grieving children to move quickly between being sad and playing, and it is important to note that children who appear happy and having fun can also be grieving. ⁣

. کوخە تازەکەم🏠🏡🏚 (@my_new_cottage) Instagram Profile Photo

. کوخە تازەکەم🏠🏡🏚

مەرج نییە ئەو کەسایەتییەی لە سۆشیاڵ میدیا و تۆڕەکۆمەڵایەتییەکان دەرئەکەوێت، ھەمان ئەو کەسایەتییەبێت کە لە واقیدا بوونی ھەیە و دەرئەکەوێت. ھۆکار زۆرە بۆ ئەم جیاوازییە لە دەرکەوتندا بۆ نموونە (ترس، شەرم، خۆ نمایشکردن، تەمسیل کردن.... ھتد) ئامانج و پاڵنەری جیاوازیش لەپشتی ئەم دەرکەوتنە جیاوازانەوە ھەن، کە ئەکرێت بە شێوەیەکی زانستی و وردتر ئیشیان لەسەر بکرێت. er

Social Workers United 4 Change (@socialworkersunited) Instagram Profile Photo

Social Workers United 4 Change

We’re part of something way bigger. . Video Credit: @beyonce . . er

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