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Loyola New Orleans Law (@loynolaw) Instagram Profile Photo

Loyola New Orleans Law

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Carolyn Osorio

Barrio Logan, San Diego

I love love love my little mint house! The murals that surround it always make people smile, stop, and take photos. That is exactly why I'm so excited to start a social-justice themed mural project that will transform the walls of my home into a place of not just beauty, but also a place for important civic discussion and expression on issues that affect my beautiful barrio (and so many others). I've thought long and hard on contemporary topics that will still invite people to stop and take photos but also challenge their perspectives. My hope is that I (and the incredible local artists I'm thrilled to have the funding to pay) can create a longer lasting experience than a cute photo for insta. I'm so excited to get @minthouseproject started and I could think of no better topic to start with than immigration! The Call to Artists is out until August 18th. #socialjustice

The Halal Guys

Not only did Tony who is originally from Brazil challenge me on what it means to be black, he challenged me to connect back to my as a defense against and blind t In the , you never know where your next conversation or simple retail transaction will lead you. Thanks for the hookup and great service Tony at @thehalalguyssfbay in San Mateo! #socialjustice

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@blurredlines.dc encourages you to have those tough conversations, about sex, consent, and everything in between.


United Nations Headquarter

At @unitednations today with @nycgenderequity, which is speaking on inequality and Sustainable Development Goal .

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