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These two characters adorn the doors of a cupboard I started work on last summer. They still need tweeking, it's another . . . . #skipdiving

Simon Withyman | Wildlife (@simonwithymanwildlife) Instagram Profile Photo

Simon Withyman | Wildlife

Bristol, United Kingdom

With every hire of a Bateman skip you’ll receive a complimentary fox, sounds reasonable! 🦊

This silver bag was dismissed in a garbage bin! As you can see it is in mint conditions like just bought! I definitely keeping it for a fancy night out... #skipdiving

Here’s my ultimate bargain hunter partner in crime 👑 #skipdiving

St Andrews Restoration (@st.andrews.restoration) Instagram Profile Photo

St Andrews Restoration

Tip Freebie! Dumped a van full off stuff on the weekend....a guy there got this out of his car and before he could put it in the skip I ran over and asked if I could have it! 😂 Perfect towel cupboard which I needed! It'll be upcycled at some point but for now its had a bit of a clean! #skipdiving

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