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🅃🄰🅈🄻🄾🅁 ☠︎ 🄳🄰🅈🄽🄴 - ᴄᴏᴀᴄʜ

*long post* . 👉🏽 I don’t work with WAG anymore, so I don’t have “check ins” so I’m checking in with y’all . . . I’m 5’9, 163 and training for life. . . As some may notice or maybe not notice I’m softer than usual | & I have a little bit more action than usual. I contemplated on NOT posting this picture cause it’s not my usual 6 pack solid physique I have when I’m in compete mode. As everyone does, or some don’t, I’m figuring what actually matters to me, makes me truly happy, and moving things around on my priority list. . . . Being better at other people at working out is getting lower and lower on my priority list and DOING MORE is getting higher and higher. Being a better coach, friend, sister, aunt and human is becoming higher. Being more present and saying yes to doing more instead of no I have to workout. Making more tees and picking up new hobbies like . Most days i try to track my food, some Days . . . I’m now working on my mental state and being OKAY with looking softer and as time goes on I’ll probably lose some muscle. I need to learn to be OKAY with it 🖤 it’ll take time and I’ll have my good days and bad days. . . . . But anyone that needed the reminder, no one looks Rock hard with abs all the time without completely dedicating their life to that lifestyle and strategically making their choices based on aesthetics / performance. And if they tell you otherwise they are lying or taking all the gear 💋 here’s to having ies and being more . . . .

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CEO Executive Suites

They’re happy for bagel time!!!! 🥯 ☕️

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