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The New Social Worker (@newsocialworker) Instagram Profile Photo

The New Social Worker

Jennifer “JMom” Mompoint (@jmom1229) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer “JMom” Mompoint

Jennifer “JMom” Mompoint (@jmom1229) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer “JMom” Mompoint

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Philippa Wilkin

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Perrenial DeCosta

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Mariana - Gut Health Expert

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Jay White Digital Media

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Fraise Core 🍓

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Chelle Violet

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Jessica Johnson

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Downtown Los Angeles

@zensoulhealing ・・・ End your day manifesting your goals! Take some time for yourself to check in and make sure you’re on the path you want and deserve to be on. - Tag a friend to let them know they’re doing a good job working towards their goals. —————— #selfcare

Tueaday YOGA @progressive_fighting_academy 1720 2nd ave south lethbridge 6:30-7:30 Chakra/Heart Opener 8-8:30 Nexk and Shoulder Relief Two of our most sought after classes! 10 spots available in each class! Don't pass up this chance to get your and mind grooving together for a strong week ahead! #selfcare

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Arbre Bo

Dans la vallée de la mort un jeu de cymba s’offre à mon cœur pour une paix profonde. Je défroisse le papier glacé de mes rêves dépensés. En marchant, je repense à ces moments volés. Des éclats de rire tatoués dans grains d’un sablier. Traversant murs d’un bonheur insensé, mes doigts cueillent fébrilement premières paillettes de ce commencement. J’avance sans oser remords, une synapse de sourire pour un espoir voilé à ce jour, celui d’un amour éternel. #selfcare

here’s a lil first picture was two days ago and the second picture was from 2 years ago today! two years ago today I was dealing with super bad . I rarely left my bed or ate. & when I did eat I would eat soooo much junk like fast food or spend like $15-20 on so many snacks and candy and would eat it all in one sitting then just go right back to sleep. that’s the heaviest I’ve ever been and most self conscious. with removing negativity around me, and putting more into my #selfcare , eating cleaner, working out and seeking happiness I’ve been able to be where I today. it makes me so happy that I’ve overcome the obstacles that I have had to face. it’s only up from here, seeing old me gives me so much more motivation to not give up and take my health and fitness more seriously ❤️

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