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好乸好食 (Ho La Ho Sik) (@ho_la_ho_sik) Instagram Profile Photo

好乸好食 (Ho La Ho Sik)

Ottolenghi Belgravia

See the previous post for more about Ottolenghi! Given w filling and dense scones can be, I was sceptical whether adding oatmeal flour to the mixture would improve it at all. Surprisingly, the oatmeal gave a malty wle-wheat taste while the orange zest was truly delightful and almost acted as an inherent marmalade within the scone. The fact that it’s super crumbly is a welcome added bonus! . One word description: “Brekkie” . Dish: “Orange and oatmeal scone with currants” Dish rating: 8/10 Cost: £2.1 Overall restaurant rating: 8.5/10 (great vibes, unfortunately there is only one round table to sit so may not always have space to eat in) . 🍱 Ottolenghi 🗺️ 13 Motcomb St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8LB, UK

Langsam. bakery & cafe (@langsam.bread) Instagram Profile Photo

Langsam. bakery & cafe

화요일 랑잠 오픈했어요!! 이제는 한판에 6개만 구울만큼 크루아상이 커졌습니다. 가격은 그대로 🥐😋 가운데 크림도 들어갑니다 ^^

달방구커피 . 디자이너 박노희 (@noheepark) Instagram Profile Photo

달방구커피 . 디자이너 박노희

🥛✨ 달방구 밀크티는 100% 얼그레이 홍차잎과 우유, 직접만든 설탕시럽만으로 본연의 맛을 살려 만드는 제품입니다. 달달하고 상쾌하고 향긋하고 고소하고 세련 고급스러운 맛입니다. . . #scone

카페마달 (@cafemadal) Instagram Profile Photo


Café madal - 카페마달

Have a good day 🙌🏽 RG @anjeein

카페미니 (@cafe_mni) Instagram Profile Photo


Cafemni - 도화동카페미니

미니네 플래크림(비엔나커피) 먹어본사람들만 아는맛그맛 짱맛이유 오늘은 브라우니 에그타르트 준비되었습니다! . . .

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