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Kerry Montano

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While blue tongue skinks are not required to have UVB light so long as their diet is properly supplemented with D3, they are diurnal lizards and will utilize it when provided ☀️ Here’s Calypso basking under her 6% Arcadia T5 bulb on top of her log hide - - - s

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Trevor Driggers

Another addition to my Herpetology section, and to my personal library. I recently downsized, so I have a few hundred less books but the bulk of what I still maintain are zoology, biology (and various other fields such as physics, astronomy, cosmology, chemistry etc) botany, and a few select books which appeals to my personal affinities. #Reptiles

Meet my newest son, Murray . He will be DIFFERENT. s

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Frank & Jo

🌵 #reptiles

A feeding video of Remiel the Suboc/Trans-Pecos Ratsnake getting a freshly thawed feeder mouse! This is the enclosure I did a set-up video for last month, as you can see he is settling in quite well and making good use of the vertical space! He is a great little animal, I have a feeling he’ll end up being the largest of my Suboc crew.

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