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Yay!! My het pied female proved out,one piped so I cut the rest(day 57) 3 visuals and two 100% hets.Pairing was a visual male to 100% het female. #ReptileFacility

This girl just hadher pre shed. The countdown begins on this one as well. Pastel spark orange ghost female bred to a super stripe #ReptileFacility

First clutch of 2019 Starting to Dimple . Hatch date is May 28. Visual pied bread to het pied.Let’s prove this girl out. ’s #ReptileFacility

Countdown starts. Pre shed for this girl. Phantom female bred to either a deep purple passion, super mystic, or leopard spot nose pastel. This is a who’s your daddy clutch for sure ’s #ReptileFacility

These two were due for some romance. Most of the others on breeding have already ovulated.So I have eight more females that have ovulated and three others that I did not witness , but have been off it for a good ways now. That would mean 11 more clutches on top of the two that I already have an incubator. Fingers crossed. ‘s #ReptileFacility

Highland, California

First outdoor tegu pen is done check it out its a 8x4x4 cage we will be offering these for sale in the future #reptilefacility

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