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Peter Schilperoord (@casavipera) Instagram Profile Photo

Peter Schilperoord

Chinese swampkitten, Alligator sinensis at @pairidaizaofficial zoo in Brugelette, Belgium. They have 4 of these lovely crocodillians. Still pretty small ones though, hope they can grow up in fhis group of 4.. Given the habit of female Chinese gators murdering the F*ck out of tankmates... I hope they separate them in the near future 🐊 Also: 😁 I want 3 of these ❤ #reptilebreeding

Allegro Reptiles (@allegroreptiles) Instagram Profile Photo

Allegro Reptiles

Granbury, Texas

These two Tangerine hatchlings are available for local sale now! Or they will be avaibke for shipping at 15 grams (they are currently 8 gram each). TSM Hypo Tangerine, nice greens and lavenders coming in!-$100 TSM Bold Jungle Tangerine, very unique pattern and growing very fast -$100 Open to offers as well! Both are eating very nicely! I have the parents on site if you would like to see them. Hashtags for gecko posts • • • • ing

holly💀🧨🐍 (@littlemissdeadthing) Instagram Profile Photo


🐍🥚💕Here are the first 17 babies from my hypo x hypo burm pairing. There are a LOT of colors in this clutch! 🐍💚💓 breeding

chris davenport (@ds_balls) Instagram Profile Photo

chris davenport

Jensen Beach, Florida

Growing up as a kid the first gaming console I owned was an Atari. With these two hopefully in a few years I will be able to produce one Atari. But the kicker is both are het vpi axanthic. I wonder what an Atari vpi axanthic will look like🤔

This is an Asian forest scorpion! They are hard to breed in captivity so if you buy one in the pet shop it will almost definitely be wild caught. They have replaced the emperor scorpion in the pet trade due to the emperor becoming threatend due to over harvesting in the wild. This individual is a baby of a female which I bought a while ago from a pet shop. She was already mated in the wild and was already pregnant when I bought her. This species has exactly the same care as the emperor scorpion, but it is much more aggressive so I wouldn't suggest handling it! breeding

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