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⚽ Dimitra Tsiklitari ⚽ (@dimitra.tsikli) Instagram Profile Photo

⚽ Dimitra Tsiklitari ⚽

Max Adam Coaching (@maxadamcoaching) Instagram Profile Photo

Max Adam Coaching

Yu Minobe OLY (@yu_san902) Instagram Profile Photo

Yu Minobe OLY

Sam | سام | 山姆 (@samrashidi) Instagram Profile Photo

Sam | سام | 山姆

مرتضی نوروزی (@mortezanorouzii) Instagram Profile Photo

مرتضی نوروزی

Katie Mason (@koach_katie) Instagram Profile Photo

Katie Mason

My journey -30K to IM140.6 (@kittyverheijen) Instagram Profile Photo

My journey -30K to IM140.6

Juan Maria Jimenez Llorens (@juanmariajimenez) Instagram Profile Photo

Juan Maria Jimenez Llorens

🅚🅐🅣🅘🅔 🅞🅢🅑🅞🅡🅝🅔 (@kto_fitness_goals) Instagram Profile Photo


Josee DM-Aesthetic Bodybuilder (@josee_dm_) Instagram Profile Photo

Josee DM-Aesthetic Bodybuilder

Ꭵ ᐯ ᗩ ᑎ • ᔕ ᗩ ᗷ ᗩ 丅 ᗴ (@kaixeta) Instagram Profile Photo

Ꭵ ᐯ ᗩ ᑎ • ᔕ ᗩ ᗷ ᗩ 丅 ᗴ

Coach Yazan Refai (@yazan.refaie) Instagram Profile Photo

Coach Yazan Refai

Ahmad Abojaradeh (@lifeinahmadsdays) Instagram Profile Photo

Ahmad Abojaradeh

It's been a while since I've read anything by James Baldwin, and when i have it's mostly later works that are more popular, in a voice self-actualized and giving the allure that he's always known the reality of the world and everything that is and isn't. The brilliance of the fire next time is that it serves as a bridge between a James Baldwin so many know and grounds him in a reality where self-actualization takes time, work, and patience. #recovery

Las Vegas, Nevada

120 on the smith for decline. Excellent videography by none other than the man himself @alecskl hit beastmode , no pre workout needed# . #recovery

Ashlee Peet | B. Sport Science (@foundationfitness_ash) Instagram Profile Photo

Ashlee Peet | B. Sport Science

Newcastle, New South Wales

😴 RECOVERY 😴 Recovery is one of the most overlooked components of performing at a high level and seeing continued improvement in your training. Exercise causes skeletal muscle damage, depletion of substrates and the accumulation of metabolic by-products. Optimal recovery should involve restoring the bodies ability to function again at a high level. The three most important elements for recovery are: • Nutrition - everything you eat has an affect on your . Fuel yourself with wholesome, nutrition foods. • Hydration - drinking adequate amounts of water is critical to health, energy, recovery, and performance. Water is the best way to hydrate, however sports drinks may be required during competition to replace electrolytes. • Sleep - the most important time to recover. Adequate levels of sleep help to provide cognitive, hormonal and muscular recovery. But there are other techniques that can be used as well as nutrition, hydration and sleep to further augment post-exercise recovery. These include cold water immersion, massage, stretching, foam rolling, trigger etc. Focus on recovering after each training session, your will thank you for it.

towriteistobe (@towriteistobe) Instagram Profile Photo


Sometimes there are not words to do a feeling justice, and I learning that that is okay. Sometimes all we need is to accept the feeling, bless its existence, and trust that its significance will reveal itself in time. That is the ultimate trust in one’s self, falling into the arms of intuition by letting go of all our attempts to label, categorize, intellectualize, solve, or judge what’s there. Allow what’s there to live there without question. Let it stretch its and make a home in you. Feed it and give it a good night’s rest. Give it space to exist without question. Sometimes that’s all it needs before revealing itself or moving on. #recovery


I stopped trying to be like everyone else. I did this because I realized I could never be happy being someone else, someone I wasn’t. I tried to make the most of my life, but it turns out it didn’t stick very long or I cried all the time. Which were both signs I was not happy or myself. __ I absolutely hated it when people said, “why can’t you be just like everyone else?” this just made me want to cry so hard. An almost everyone says it. I’m over hearing it so now I say, “because I’m not everyone.” Qualities that I never want to take away from myself. I love myself✨ It took years for me to realize that. So here is my advice to anyone who has felt alone or different: “Sometimes you have to break the rules to win a little” - unknown ——————————————————— Keep kickin you little warriors ——————————————————— #recovery awareness recovery recovery recovery warrior prevention scars

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