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Elsie Blass PhD (@smartlovemoves) Instagram Profile Photo

Elsie Blass PhD

BLOG | HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 🌼 (@neonaturo) Instagram Profile Photo


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Monika van Hoeve

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Books Of The World

Rafał Milcewicz (@rafalmilcewicz) Instagram Profile Photo

Rafał Milcewicz

Friendly Saturday reminder that @raven_book_store shoppers can avail themselves of a 3-month Book Post trial subscription with any $100 purchase 📚shop in Lawrence or online to reach all your summer reading 🌺 * * * #readingtime

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Stories That Pop

We tell stories for a reason. Well, lots of reasons. Teach children how to listen to stories & retell stories. You’ll equip the future’s communicators.

Je tu niekto, kto už prečítal túto knižočku? Ja sa priznám, vôbec ma nezaujala, no nebyť toho, že si prečítam na ňu recenziu, tak by som mohla naozaj ľutovať, pretože zatiaľ je veľmi zaujímavá a tajomná, takže sa teším, ako bude pokračovať. 😍😌 time

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What is the one food combo you like to eat but grosses people out when you tell them? 🍀 I very rarely drink coke but when I do I like to dunk bread in it(HAS to be white bread...🤪🤷🏻‍♀️) 🍀 Now while you all decide if you still want to be my friend, I have a mini book haul for you! I picked these up from Poundland for £1 each. Which I thought was a bargain, as some are hardbacks and one even has sprayed edges!🤗🤗 Check out my stories for the blurbs and my waffling. 🍀

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