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Magic x-ray markers

Los Angeles, California

As a radiology student you will: Learn every bone in the and its bony landmarks (that’s 206 bones).✌️ Learn how x-rays are produced and how they interact with matter💯 The inverse square law Physics!✅ The components of the x-ray tube😎 How the x-ray circuit works👀 Buy your markers from Magic X-Ray Marker 😆✅💯🇺🇸 #radiologist

Old Slave Mart Museum

Enslaved People • • Part of growing is knowing, learning, listening, and trying to understand our history, no matter how difficult or unpleasant that truth may be. • • The way we ensure we don’t repeat the sins of our past is by taking the time to dive into our history, acknowledging it, and realizing that it’s less about the textbook and all about the personal stories passed down through generations. • • History is most often written by the victors; the truth often resides in the stories of those that have suffered loss. Loss of life, family, religion, land, and in this case, freedom. • • #radiologist

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Dr Wendy McC

Thank you @amcny Chance’s Dr Hohenhaus, Dr Perez #radiologist Dr Fischetti and Dr Fox all gave him a good report .. everything is and we are going to continue his . Thanks @fazia2518 and Eve for being so kind to everyone. the

Imagerie 3D du ❤ . . . . . . . . Copyright : Les Régents de l'université du Michigan . . . . . . . #radiologist

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Midwest Biomedical Technology

Chicago, Illinois

Without a preventive maintenance program for your biomedical/imaging equipment, you are essentially anticipating machine failure, causing unplanned downtime and potentially further damage to assets. At MBT, we offer detailed, cost-effective PM programs powered by computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to help you monitor the condition of your assets & comply with regulations while sustaining low costs ⚡️ 1-888-700-6780

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