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Nuno Guerreiro Josué (@nguerreiroj) Instagram Profile Photo

Nuno Guerreiro Josué

There's only two acceptable red hats. This one, and one with Benfica on it. Exactly. #RacistTrump

Gary Grafter (@graftacus) Instagram Profile Photo

Gary Grafter

Reality Check

When Rabbis side with Muslims in understanding the clear racist threat from , that’s when the has hit the fan 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ ‪#RacisttRUMP‬

Would someone PLEASE PASS the 55-gallon bucket of popcorn? This show will be EPIC. Hey, @barackobama! You paying attention or will you wait for the evening news on @cnn, like you always USED to do? #RacistTrump "!!!"

Drawing Daily (@drawingdailyusa) Instagram Profile Photo

Drawing Daily

“Not a racist bone in the President’s body.” Except the racist bone spurs. #racisttrump

Aamir Chaudry (@aamir.chaudry) Instagram Profile Photo

Aamir Chaudry

Lol trumps mum was born in present day Germany, his grandparents on his dads side Germany. His wife was born in Slovenia. #racisttrump

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