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Sharestates (@sharestates) Instagram Profile Photo


Sharestates (@sharestates) Instagram Profile Photo


Комфорт Таун

Comfort Town is the first residential complex in Ukraine 🇺🇦 based on the block development principle. Picturesque building silhouettes, elaborated apartment layouts, and fully pedestrian courtyards became the standard of comfort class in the Ukrainian residential property. Due to the city block concept, the area is divided into two types: streets (allowing for motor traffic) and courtyards (located inside the block and featuring children’s playgrounds, benches, and alleys). Motor vehicles cannot enter these inner courtyards, with the exception of emergency service vehicles which can use widened passageways paved with grass paver. The Comfort Town residential complex includes the Academy of Modern Education with a 160-seat Kindergarten, a 140-seat Elementary school, and a 600-seat High school А+. The residential complex also includes a 4500-sq.m retail complex with a supermarket, a 4600-sq.m fitness complex with three swimming pools and gyms, a 1.5-hectare complex of outdoor sports grounds, cafes, stores and offices on lower floors of apartment buildings, 22 children playgrounds, and its own maintenance service. - - - - 🇺🇦 #privatelending

Toronto, Ontario

So... what do you do!? 🤔😎 . I've had a LOT of transition the past few years after selling my 2nd e-commerce company AND between that and a lot of new insta followers (some of who get instantly deleted when they send me random scmy messages right away haha)... . I've been wanting to do a "What do you do" post. I know a lot of life is NOT about career and what you DO but rather who you are BUT I love work and really value this part of my life. I also have a lot of new real estate related friends so wanted to share! Also... a lot of people are just really confused about what I do and are always asking me about this. So here we go! . 1. My top priority is our next real estate development project in London Ontario. We are building an awesome MODERN 28 unit apartment with a really cool TWIST. Standby for our renderings, locations and details coming soon! It's super cool.... We also have some other really rad real estate development projects in the works in and around London, Ontario. All a bit top secret until we get further along but I LOVING creating development projects. It's like physical product development but 10X. . 2. We have been doing private lending for about 5 years with Jeff's company Fast Forward Ventures and we fund (mostly) SWO and GTA private mortgages for things like construction financing, flips, new purchases, facilities, commercial projects and other things banks can't finance or won't finance fast enough. Our why is to change the landscape! Funding great projects that wouldn't otherwise get funded is so meaningful to me. . 3. I have recently become a mortgage administrator (FSCO ) where we administer private mortgages on behalf of other investors making it completely passive for investors (we deal with all the legals, finances etc.) so investors just get to sit back and collect their 9%+ returns. It's awesome to get to change the INVESTMENT landscape for our investors in a secure and passive way. Anyways that's what I'm up to... (continued in comments)

•Partner with a Lender that shares Your Vision on Your Flip! • • •Call Will at 516.366.4114 and discuss your 1-4 Unit Fix n Flip scenario • • •We will provide up to 90% of the Acquisition money and 100% of the Rehab money • • •No Points Hidden in Junk Fees, No Pre-Payment Penalties and Fast No Hassle Closings • • •Why aren't we doing business already? • • #privatelending

Real Estate Investor Couple 🏘 (@investorcouple_mel_dave) Instagram Profile Photo

Real Estate Investor Couple 🏘

North Bay, Ontario

When you work 9 to 5, you’re working to make someone else rich. When you invest in your own real estate education and portfolio, you’re working to make yourself rich,” say Dave and Melanie Dupuis of North Bay. “That allows you the freedom to pursue your dreams and long-term goals.” The North Bay couple has shared an insider’s view of real estate in their first book, titled Real Estate Investing Secrets: A No-B.S. Guide to Creating Wealth and Freedom. Based on their experience, the book highlights key strategies to be successful as a real estate investor. Melanie and Dave were inspired to write the book after they were in a horrific car accident in 2018. They were on their way to a real estate investing conference in Niagara Falls when their shuttle car was struck by another vehicle, sending it into the guardrail. Their shuttle rolled five or six times before ending up upside down on the highway. The couple walked away with a number of injuries, and were pretty shaken up, serving as a wake-up call. “It’s changed our lives I think, forever. Going on the highway is never ever the same, and I think it opened up our eyes knowing how quickly we could have lost our lives,” Melanie says. They decided to write a book to pass on their knowledge to their three children, and ended up publishing it for everyone to read. Writing was the easy part, Dave says. He found it was simple to put down ideas he knows well and uses every day. The hardest part was condensing that information. “We could have had a 300-page book,” he says. “But now it was breaking it down into what are the essentials, what is the easy, plain English for anyone to pick up this book.” Reflecting on their own success operating Dupuis Properties in North Bay, the couple say they couldn’t have done it without the support of their mentors. “You can’t do it alone. If you want to grow, you need a strong team to do it with you,” Melanie says. The pair hint at having more books published in the future, among other projects Dave is reluctant to indulge. “There’s been a lot of opportunities that opened up for us.” *Article: North Bay Nugget Books available on Amazon. 👉@investorcouple_mel_dave

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Leverage Capital Network

FUNDED: purchase & rehab for one of our flippers in NJ, completed and on the market. 90% of total project costs funded by Contact us today to get your next project funded fast & easy! #privatelending

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Manhattan, New York

When you need a little pop of pink to get you through the day. 💖 📷: @alexandraposterbennaim ______________________________ Macoy Capital offers fast/reliable funding to real estate investors and developers for bridge loans, fix & flip and ground-up construction projects around the US. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We work with borrowers to determine their financial n eeds and goals and to explore multiple avenues of financing. We also work with lenders to identify their investment goals and to create successful matches between borrowers and lenders. Our goal is to provide the best solution for each borrower – even when that means facilitating and transitioning borrowers to lenders outside of our network! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Click the link in Bio to learn more! #privatelending CalBRE # 01851634 & NMLS ID # 338666

Sharestates (@sharestates) Instagram Profile Photo


Southbank, Victoria, Australia

This cliff-side 5 story home was inspired by barnacles🐚clinging to the hull of a 🚢. Australian prefab architecture specialists Modscape Concept designed the modular Cliff House in response to growing interest in living on extreme coastal plots in Australia. This house literally  propels off of the cliff, which gives an incredible view of being right over top of the ocean. Terrifying? Or the coolest thing you’ve seen all day? Let us know your thoughts on this extreme real estate. - - - - #privatelending #privatelending

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