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Dr. Elizabeth Delery

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Q: Why are people scared of computers? A: They byte! Josh may have been overly protected at his desk with his GOS sample safety & PPE kit, but it's good to know our customers value workplace safety! • • • • #ppe

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Staffmark Winchester KY


SAFETY FIRST!⁣ ⁣ Safety is no accident. Stay alert – don’t get hurt. If you mess up, ‘fess up.⁣ ⁣ While these sayings may seem corny, safety is nothing to laugh at in the work place. When safety in the workplace is not practiced properly, serious injury can occur, this can even include death.⁣ ⁣ Here are a few tips to keep you safe and going home in one piece.⁣ ⁣ •Always properly wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Examples of this are earplugs, hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility vest…etc. These items are meant to give you the greatest chance to prevent injury as well as protect you in the event of an accident.⁣ ⁣ •Do not perform a task unless you have had proper training. Although you may think the task can be done with ease, you may be missing key information which could result in your obtaining a preventable injury⁣ ⁣ •Never walk in front of a forklift, tractor or any other heavy machinery. Individuals operating these types of machinery have the right away. It is much easier for you to see them, then for them to see you. Move over if you don’t want to be run over!⁣ ⁣ While there is an infinite amount of information that can be found on workplace safety, just adhering to some of the simplest recommendations and rules can keep you from being a statistic.⁣ ⁣ #PPE

Hi vis long sleeve Treehog t-shirts are available in hi vis orange or yellow and are fully back in stock! The garment conforms to EN ISO 20471 Class 2 (Hi Visibility Garments) and GO/RT 3279 UK Railway Standard.

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La Profe De Idiomas

🇧🇷 Uma muestra que o portunhol é muito perigoso. 🇧🇷 🤣🤣 🇨🇴 Una muestra de lo peligroso que es el portuñol. 🇨🇴 . En un rato nos vemos. 🤭 . #PPE

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SFG Safety Solutions

Tuesdays are for special ! We want to give you the proper tools to protect yourself while working. That’s why it’s important to keep your protective gear on at all times when at work. This will give you the highest percentage of avoiding accidents and causing injury. . . . . Studies have shown that many workers take their protective gear off when it doesn’t offer the support or comfort needed for the task given. If the protective gear isn’t providing you the support needed to do your job, it’s easy to expose your hands leaving them vulnerable and at risk for possible injuries! 😱😱😱 . . . . That’s why it’s important to find the right glove 🧤 for your task that offers both dexterity, protection and comfort! Lucky for you we have gloves for just that. . . . . . . . . . . #ppe

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Panda Express

🚹DO NOT STAND ON DESKS, TABLES, COUNTERS, STOOLS, OR CHAIRS - USE A STEP STOOL OR LADDER: Chairs and Stools ARE meant to be sat on - AND - Desks, Tables, and Counters ARE meant to be worked upon! • 🌑Chairs with Wheels CAN cause the Chair to come out from under you while you are standing on it. • 📐Chairs, Tables, and Desks CAN tip easily when your weight is shifted in a particular direction. • ➖Place the Step Stool level on the ground, as near as possible to the object you are trying to reach. • 🔒Make sure folding Step Stools are fully open / extended AND locked into position. • 👟Do NOT climb on a Step Stool in Sandals, High Heels, Socks or Bare Feet - wear closed toed Shoes. • 🖐Brace yourself by putting a Hand on a nearby Wall while ascending OR descending the Step Stool. • 🕴🏼Do NOT lean over to reach for OR pick up an item as this CAN cause you to lose your balance. • 🈷️IF you need to stretch OR go up on your tip-toes while on a Step Stool, THEN you NEED a Ladder. • 🚶🏽Step Stools SHOULD have Non-Slip Treaded Steps AND Angled Rubber Leg Tips for stability. • 🔨NEVER use Step Stools OR Ladders that are in need of repair AND know the capacity ratings. • 📲Post Creds: @correcttechniques

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