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Abbye Clevenger (@bvpottery) Instagram Profile Photo

Abbye Clevenger

Why do I make pottery? It isn’t simply for the love of the craft although that part is growing. ♥️ It is to represent what God can do with a life surrendered. This visual put words to what I knew was happening in my own life- I knew I was being taken from one version of me to another. I knew the process was uncomfortable yet liberating, I knew I would never, ever be the same after surrender. Although I tried to hold on to my plans for my life and stay “true to myself,” the turning of the wheel and the pressure from the potter have emptied me and proven only to free me from who I thought I was, stretching the walls of my heart and transforming me into who God says that I am. It’s the same with clay, once surrendered to my hand is forever changed, given purpose and meaningful work to do. I hope you guys will stick with me on this journey as I create to understand more of this process of transformation! . lessons

Root Cellar Studios (@rootcellarstudios) Instagram Profile Photo

Root Cellar Studios

Darn it 😩😭

ElTornBarcelona (@eltornbarcelona_) Instagram Profile Photo


ElTornBarcelona - The International Hub of Ceramics

segundo dia de nuestro primer curso intensivo de torno avanzado! más fotos en los próximos días! próximas fechas: del 22 al 25 de agosto. Te animas?

Pottery Lovers (@pottery_ongram) Instagram Profile Photo

Pottery Lovers

Finally picked up some of my fired ceramic pieces the other day. Little bit of a floral explosion going here. First thought? 💚 💟 Credit: @ margaret.jeane And Dont forget follow them. Double Tap and tag your Friend.💖 #potterylessons

Indraja Raudonikytė (@indrajas) Instagram Profile Photo

Indraja Raudonikytė

Red, spicy, hot summer bowl. Need some more of these in my kitchen. So it is time to shop for a clay. lessons

Flakatoras Ceramics (@flakatoras_ceramics) Instagram Profile Photo

Flakatoras Ceramics

Flakatoras Ceramics

Family painting lesson. Thank you Naomi it was really fun! lessons

Garret Pendergrass (@garretpendergrasspottery) Instagram Profile Photo

Garret Pendergrass

Garret Pendergrass Pottery

🔨🔨Back on the job again today working with some amazing students for my summer pottery camps. I wanted to continue to thank a few other folks this week who made my opening special! 🎉🎉 @redstonevisual for making a great banner to hang for special events, and my mom who created a great wreath for my front door! Always taking care of me! @garretpendergrasspottery #potterylessons

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