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Bodegon Francos Pizzas (@bodegonfp) Instagram Profile Photo

Bodegon Francos Pizzas

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Chiara Giuliano

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Marc Ramentol

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B a r r a n q u i - Ñ A M

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FioGali - Pizzas al Tatakua

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Jessica Vargas

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Javier Carreño (XAVI)✌

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Rita Introcaso ®️

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O r l a n d O F o n t e S

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Mae Culpa Rest. y Pizzería

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Nixaliz Espinal-Diaz

Estamos começando a semana à todo vapor, esperando por vocês!⠀ ⠀ Nossos endereços:⠀ • Unidade Centro: Rua da Assembleia 43⠀ •Unidade Flamengo – Rua Marques de Abrantes Nº216⠀ ⠀

Tipsy Tongues | Food & Travel (@tipsytongues) Instagram Profile Photo

Tipsy Tongues | Food & Travel

Light House Cafe Mumbai

A fully loaded heavy pizza, this is Chicago style Mexican chipotle.💯❤️ . First the crust and a layer on the top is filled with veggies like corn, capsicum, bell pepper and tomato. It is topped off with a layer of cheese, dough and sauces which taste perfect together. The top layer is full of nachos with cheese and dressings, sprinkled with onions, tomatoes and spring onions, making it crunchy. 🤤😍 . It is a pretty loaded pizza so make sure you have enough appetite to finish it off.🙊 . Price - 899 rupees for 8" . lovers 🍕❤️

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