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@nelsonagholor is EXTREMELY underrated🔥🔥 - Follow @ContentNFL For More NFL Content!🏈🤯

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This Eagles will make me look like this by my next birthday 👴 . #philadelphiaeagles

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with this seasons clown Zeke. While a great fantasy back many look to take in the first round of their draft this year, how the do you cry about your contract when you still have 2 years left? Dallas should honestly trade him and get draft picks! Guy gets into legal trouble every season, has declining numbers and is crying for more money?? Trade him for an ok running back and draft picks he isn’t worth it. Now some of you are probably saying “you are an eagles fan why are you posting Dallas opinions” well 1. Im also a fantasy page and what happens to zeke is pretty impactful on a fantasy team 2. I would love to not see this guy twice a year lol. Fly Eagles Fly🦅

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Create an instant cozy factor with velvet pieces🛋📈✔😊😎. Consider a gorgeous lounge chair, a few velvet throw pillows, or our favorite - a velvet headboard! There’s a reason this trend didn’t stay in the 70’s – it’s back and hopefully here to stay!

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Austin Herrera

Snipers 💪😎👊 The last thing you'll never see.

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Rocky Mountain Pizza

Our 2019 INVASION Kick Off is less than 2 months away!! Join us; we’ve got joint parties set up with @smyrnadelphia @rockymountainpizza and all the best Birds fans Georgia has to offer!! Link in bio! . #PhiladelphiaEagles

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