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Yes! I received my Malduino yesterday 🙌🏻🙌🏻 It a USB-key that acts a keyboard and can be programmed with a simple language (ducky script). The payload is undetectable and your computer sees the Malduino as a legit keyboard. Powershell reverse tcp shell anyone? . . #pentesting

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Privilege Escalation • It is the act of exploiting a bug, design flaw, configuration oversight in operating system, software application or web application which allows the user to access the information, features or functionality that they are not entitled in their role. • Privilege escalation vulnerability allows malicious user to obtain privileges of another user they are not entitled to. There are two forms of privilege escalation- (i) Vertical Privilege Escalation- It occurs when a user can access resources, features or functionalities related to more privileged accounts. For example, if we have a normal user account in operating system and we can find a bug that allows us to gain access to root account which have full permissions. (ii) Horizontal Privilege Escalation- It occurs when a user have the ability to access the resources, features or functionalities of the accounts having similar privileges. For example, we have a bank account and we are able to log in to another bank account with similar level of privileges. How does privilege escalation attack happen? 1. Find the vulnerability 2. Create the related privilege escalation exploit 3. Use exploit on a system 4. Check if it is successfully exploits the system 5. Gain additional privileges Privilege escalation will continue in next post. Stay tuned. Keep following for new posts @cryptonic007

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