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Cearna Aesthetics


Big shout out to Dr. Rich Castellano for using Ocumend healing pads for his patient’s post-op recovery 💙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Looking good Fernando! 💪 Visit Dr. Rich at his clinic @ImageLiftNow and eliminate downtime after your procedure with Cearna Ocumend pads ✨

Kristi, S.N. (@kristi.s.n) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristi, S.N.

New York, New York

Chilling with JD. About to practice some skills - today’s lesson : changing bed linens while the patient is in bed. #patientcare

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Charlie Rowe

Physicians Fitness

"Why is lifting weights a powerful medicine? Those with more muscle tend to live longer. This is shown in newer studies looking at fat free mass and fat free mass indices. ⠀ Why might this be? More muscle means more places to store and burn fuel. More muscle and strength means stronger bones and less of a chance of breaking a bone later in life. More muscle means better functioning as you age. Many different reasons. ⠀ Now here is the deal... using anabolic hormones to build more muscle likely negates these effects and there is a point where it could become harmful. Say your neck gets so big you now have sleep apnea. Your weight gets so high that you develop degenerative joint disease in your knees etc. ⠀ Anyway, this is why I want my patients lifting weights. It’s a great medicine." -Dr Spencer Nadolsky care

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Andrews Memorial Hospital

The best outpatient nurses in the health sector! These nurses work tirelessly to make sure patients who come in and do not stay over night get the best treatment available. We salute you! #PatientCare

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Texas Health Careers

A BIG shout out of congratulations to 7 of our hospitals for being recognized by the American Heart Association for their advanced care of heart attack and patients. "These prestigious recognitions highlighted by the American Heart Association emphasize Texas Health's strong commitment to treating cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in North Texas and around the world," said Jeffrey Canose, M.D., Texas Health's chief operating officer. "Texas Health is on a mission to provide North Texans with the quality care they deserve and to support efforts to improve care and outcomes for patients and their families who are impacted by heart disease." #PatientCare

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We believe that “good” patient care just isn’t enough. We strive to create an atmosphere where quality care is the norm, and an exceptional experience is expected. ⠀ ⠀ #patientcare

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