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Black Rose Etsy 🖤🔮🌌 (@blackroseetsy) Instagram Profile Photo

Black Rose Etsy 🖤🔮🌌

New 🌊 🏝🐚🧜‍♀️ & - of the charms. Made with ocean jasperand aquamarine - crystals that hold the energy of the seas, wash away stress and negativity. Hang in , , or wear, etc. link in bio! #pagan

🇬🇧💀ANT💀🇲🇹 (@cro__81) Instagram Profile Photo


Thank you thunder gods! I needed this!! #pagan

Maiden And The Cauldron (@maidenandthecauldron) Instagram Profile Photo

Maiden And The Cauldron

I was gifted this book today by my brothers gf. We bonded over this book because 1) she’s a Liberian from Kentucky (not on horse back) 2) we both heard about it on NPR 3) we’re book nerds obviously 🤓. I was so drawn to this book because even though it’s not in West Virginia, this is how my grandmothers childhood was. She use to tell me about the country Dr that travelled on horse back, and when it snowed he used snow shoes. My grandmother lucked out because her father was the local teacher (in a 1 room school house). So My grandmother never lacked for education like most rural mountain folk (Appalachia or Smoky mountains). A lot never learned to read or write or get an education past 6th grade. Most had to farm or work in a coal mine. And most lived in extreme poverty, where owning a book was a luxury. BUT they still had a deep appreciation for education and news. We live in a time now where EVERYTHING is instantaneous. I don’t wanna say we take everything for granted, but I think we don’t realize how advanced we’ve become. I think we forget that illiteracy was not uncommon that long ago. Getting an education past 6th grade was a Big deal and graduating high school if there was one was a MAJOR deal. It used to boggle my grandmothers brain when people would be willfully ignorant. “How can you not watch the news?! How can you not know what’s going on in the world?! She would ask daily as she recycled the newspaper. I read multiple papers daily, and ask myself what would my grammie think about everything going on in the world? She would tell you to read the paper, watch the news, support your local library and if you don’t like what’s being written, be the change. God I miss that woman 😞 #pagan

Not the most "trendy" photo. But I had to capture and share this. I was testing out setting up for a live reading and the one card I decide to flip over...The Devil. Moments before while attending to the bird's nest my mind was racing thinking of all the ways I've come to find myself in my present situation. For as much as this deck is considered nothing better than a novelty or gimmick, it has yet to fail at serving me a healthy portion of reality. #pagan

🌛Notions And Potions🌜 (@notionsandpotions) Instagram Profile Photo

🌛Notions And Potions🌜

Flower of Life Copper Bowl~Copper promotes harmony and healing and offers protection and luck. Copper is known to be a good conductor of energies from our Higher Nature. It has a balancing and stabilizing effect wherever it is placed. The Flower of Life is said to contain the knowledge of the universe. Perfect for keeping your crystal treasures, smudge stick, daily affirmations and jewelry. Metal Magick!

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