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Dr Wendy McC (@homevetsnyc) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr Wendy McC

Thank you @amcny Chance’s #oncologist Dr Hohenhaus, Dr Perez Dr Fischetti and Dr Fox all gave him a good report .. everything is and we are going to continue his . Thanks @fazia2518 and Eve for being so kind to everyone. the

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Eileen Dahl

Parenting one. My little one’s siblings are young adults. She loves them dearly, but they both live far away, so on a day to day basis, I’m raising an only child. I had hoped to have two, so they could have companionship, someone to play (and fight) with, however a miscarriage, followed by a back injury and cancer put an end to those plans. Still, my little one longs for a sibling her age, like her friends. She laments my miscarriage. Parenting one, as “older” parents means she has opportunities and advantages that some of her peers don’t, but my heart breaks when she speaks of loneliness. Anyone out there who was raised as an only child or is raising an only child?

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Oncología y Radioterapia

Oncología Médica y Radioterapia

Una dieta saludable ayuda a protegernos de la malnutrición en todas sus formas, así como de las enfermedades no transmisibles, entre ellas la diabetes, las cardiopatías, los accidentes cerebrovasculares y el cáncer.⠀ La nutrición adecuada en los pacientes oncológicos facilita una mejor tolerancia a sus tratamientos y mejora el funcionamiento general del cuerpo.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ¿Sabes qué es lo que necesitas comer?⠀ Puedes sacar cita con nuestros especialistas en nutrición clínica al número 81 83339582

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Joshua Mansour MD

TREATMENT UPDATE: Are viruses being used to treat cancer⁉️ My editorial piece in @usnews (➡️) has the details, BUT i’ve included a summary below ⬇️. . . 🦠 Viruses can undoubtedly be very dangerous, there is no denying that information. While viruses have the ability to cause devastating illnesses, they have recently in medicine been used to treat cancer, especially aggressive types. . . 💉 Oncolytic virotherapy has been an emerging treatment & involved a wide array of viruses that have been used, including measles, polio, herpes, & the adenovirus. . . 🔬 What are some of the ways in which the viruses are being used❓ . . 💉 In one method the virus is engineered in a manner to leave alone healthy tissue cells & target proteins that exist only in the specific cancer cells. Once the virus detects the particular type of cell, it will replicate in a continuous manner until it fills up within the cancer cells & causes it to explode. After this bursting of the cell, the unleashed viruses will find their way to other cancer cells as the process will continue in this same manner. . . 💉 In another approach, the immune system will identify these cells that contain a modified virus to destroy them. Therefore, a cancer cell that was initially not acknowledged by the immune system, & was able to escape it, can now be recognized. . . More details, the different methods, & discussion regarding cancers being treated this way can be found in the full article @usnews with the LINK IN BIO❗️

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Dr. Marcos André Costa

São Paulo, Brazil

Temos conseguido fazer de nossas reuniões um dos nossos pilares. Compartilhar os casos mais desafiadores nestes fóruns de discussão, definitivamente, é um selo de boa prática e nos aproxima da excelência que queremos. Coordeno os de -oncologia, e e auxílio no de . Muito trabalho pra semana toda! 🙂 We have been able to make our multidisciplinary tumor boards one of our pillars. Sharing the most challenging cases on these discussion forums is definitely a seal of good practice and brings us closer to the excellence we want. I coordinate -oncology, and and co-coordinate the one. Lots of work for the whole week! 🙂 #oncologist

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Skin Beautiful RX ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

MDSolarSciences™ is a collection of DoctorDeveloped and formulas. A balanced blend of and beauty, lightweight formulations are designed to protect, repair and promote healthy skin using EcoCert® Zinc Oxide and powerful antioxidants. Founded by prominent dermatologic #oncologist Dr. Robert J. Friedman, these products are top-rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), completely non-toxic, cruelty-free and reef-safe. Leah says: With many customers expressing their need for a completely mineral sunscreen that does not leave a “white cast” these products were my first thought since I have used them prior in for post . Their more formulas include a tinted balm spf50 as well as, a tinted SPF 30. For someone who needs a light weight- all in one- moisturizer SPF, MDsolarsciences has that too. We hope you find these products to fit your needs and the 🌊! . 🖥 the best and products 24/7 at or follow the link in our bio. .

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