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Janne Haatainen (@fin_itguy) Instagram Profile Photo

Janne Haatainen

Julma Ölkky

Top equipment in great scenery. #nutanix

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Nutanix IoT

👂 Let us know where your data is taking you- link in bio.

ACI Specialty Benefits

Today I had a meeting with an existing customer for the first time after their previous head of IT left. It was new to me to be there, knowing he doesn't work for them anymore. But I equally happy for and proud of him; he accepted a job at reporting directly to the CEO (wtfya-srsly LOL). We actually met 4 years ago (2015) at Opening Day at Del Mar....he was the youngest person in his position I had ever known. I told him something along the lines of, "I'm going to invest time in you even though there's no business for me with his company at the moment, we're both young, we have to look out for each other as we come up in the SD market trying to make a ne for ourselves." 2 years later (2017), he gave me and @technologent a shot and we helped them with an important project involving #Nutanix and . The deal was north of a quarter million dollars. 1 year later (2018) he ce to Opening Day at Del Mar again with me (2nd pic). All the tribal knowledge I've been slowly building about this is even more useful for us now to remain relevant + valuable as they inevitably experience challenges after an important, tenured employee's departure. and dra (+taxes, +death lol) are . Thanks to my upbringing from my , my life now is quite easy; the hard work was already done long ago by and . So now, I try to remind and ask myself, how I going to respond to the change and dra life brings me? Hopefully better than how I did when I was younger, lol.

Danielle Schoen (@danischoen_) Instagram Profile Photo

Danielle Schoen

Nashville, Tennessee

I have to take a moment and brag on Nutanix. I'm blessed to love my job and have opportunities to grow professionally - in this case a speaking opportunity. Thanks, Nutanix, for the top notch culture you've cultivated! #Nutanix @nutanix

Justice Dunne (@justicedunne) Instagram Profile Photo

Justice Dunne

I got to draw some Stranger Things themed servers for work last week! . . . . . . . . . . . . #nutanix

Veritas Technologies LLC (@veritastechllc) Instagram Profile Photo

Veritas Technologies LLC

Mikko Nykyri and Brian White of collaborated at Microsoft Microsoft Inspire 2019 to share details on the virtual capabilities of Backup Exec, like: ▻ day-1 support with , #Nutanix, and ▻ easy cloud recovery with Microsoft Details in their video.

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Systematika Distribution

Yesterday Evening Great Event in Terrazza Copernico S32 Isola Milan, #nutanix & with and . Today Nutanix Sales Academy session in our Saronno offices!!!! Contact us for more information about our free next events!!!

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Nutanix IoT

Do you know where to place your pieces? Check out how we do it- link in bio.

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