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Team Abri

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Coach Aman ❤️🌟

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Valentina Keszia

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“Si no empiezas a conocer tus límites, nunca podrás conocer tus debilidades, no optes por comportamientos negativos, y empieza a valorar tus posibilidades .... #nothingisimpossible #🙏🏼

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Queen Shantearion

Be Specific about your goals. Write, it, claim it, speak it, live it . #nothingisimpossible

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Patrick Hadnot-Hart

Keeping a positive mindset brings about positive change. It’s easy to give up on your dreams and ambitions, so stay encouraged! #nothingisimpossible #👍 #💪🏽 #💯

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Jonathan Cyprowski

Have you ever looked at something in life and doubted the possibilities? Maybe it’s your age, your finances, your education, your skill set, or maybe it’s just insecurity or fear of failure plain and simple. When we catch on to who God is and what can happen when we partner with Him, the possibilities become endless! Why? Because He is looking for a partner to unleash the fullness of the kingdom of God in the earth! He wants to bring hope, help and healing to a lost and dying world through us. He is the light of the world, but He has called us to arise and shine! Seems weird until you realize it’s a partnership. He fills you with power of the Holy Ghost, empowers you to do all things in any circumstance, and says, “now let’s light the fire and burn so bright the whole world can see and know who I am!” What do you need to partner with God on today? Ask Him to fill you with the oil, the power of the Holy Ghost and light a match by stepping out of the current mindset that holds you back! Take action! Arise! Shine! Leave the darkness and step into His marvelous light! #nothingisimpossible

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Charmaine ‘Shaq’ Ciceron

Thank you Lord God for unexpected blessings I receive today. Thank you for blessing me much more than I deserve. Thank you @shambatabat for piaya, hopia, tarts, polvoron and Thanks @iamryanjohn27 for chicken mcdo, apple pie, nuggets, fries and sa cam. I didn’t ask for it and I feel that it’s my birthday today. Happy Mind. Happy Life. Happy Tummy. Goodnight.💗 #nothingisimpossible

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@nasdaily • • • • • This guy used his PhD degree to clean his childhood lake. Here is the amazing story of how he did it. You can follow his progress at Marino Morikawa, PhD. @marino.morikawa . Thank you so much Marino for this awesome opportunity and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours! # #nothingisimpossible

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Dr Tarang krishna

London, United Kingdom

Tag someone who needs to see this 👇. A perfect example of Grit , Determination and Commitment .. This video I shot at London Marathon this Sunday , July 21st 2019 when this physically challenged pursued her passion to do the race !!! When you have the grit and determination , the entire Universe conspires to make it Happen !! #nothingisimpossible

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