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Joe Stacey

First Ward, Binghamton

My new restore project. Seems to be a late 1880's . Need to do some more research. Wish me luck. #nineteenthcentury

South Nyack, New York

This weekend we started work on the front door.  The paintwork on the original 1850s doorcase was dirty, cracked and flaking and had to be removed inch by inch with a miniature chisel.  Underneath all the paint layers was a thin skin of gritty render that must have made the wood carving look as if it was made of sandstone when it was first installed.  Sadly, so much of the render is missing that we will have to paint over it again.  These are details of the two gothic spandrels above the door before and part way through restoration.  More images to follow...

I’ve just returned from a lovely break in France. Though based in Normandy, the weather was uncharacteristically hot and suncream and a large-brimmed hat proved to be everyday essentials. It was a happy coincidence that on my return my research turned to bonnets - equally large-brimmed, but somewhat more elegant than my battered holiday offering. During the early-nineteenth century, leghorn bonnets were the finest and most expensive available. These were made in Livorno, Italy and were formed from a dried, bleached wheat straw of an Italian variety. The variety of straw used was exceptionally fine, but even this was sometimes split to ensure the braid was as delicate as possible. Image courtesy of #nineteenthcentury

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Federated History at RU-N/NJIT

in , Napoleon surrendered to the British following his esape from his exile on the island of Elba and defeat at Waterloo. To prevent another return to power in Europe, he was then exiled much farther away to Saint Helena, an island in the South Atlantic 1200+ miles from the coast of present-day Angola, and died there on May 5, 1821. #nineteenthcentury

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Silvia Mogni

Walter Benjamin (Berlin 1892 ~ Port Bou 1940) #nineteenthcentury

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Louis Grimonville

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rendez-vous devant la tour Eiffel quand sonne l'heure. Elle scintille quelques minutes et il faudra attendre un tour de l'aiguille pour la voir resplendir à nouveau 😮🗼🎇 #nineteenthcentury

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The Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum

: The nightgown and slip may have been worn by Beatrice Marceau (1889-1987) on her wedding night as a part of her trousseau. ———————————————————————— #nineteenthcentury

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