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Sprüche🕊              || 1,5k (@sadddheart) Instagram Profile Photo

Sprüche🕊 || 1,5k

wie lange ging deine längste Beziehung? •❁ • ➳(@sadddheart : 9 Monate 🏹 ) •❁ • Makiert eure besten Freunde 🌙 • ❁ • Partnerseiten: @real_speak_ & @liebe.entkommen & @stillesgiirl & @sprueche_3.0_ & @treuuevoll & @fruity.sayings & @tot.aber.lebendig 💞 • ❁ •➳ Kommentiert wenn ihr aktiv seid 💎 •❁ •❁ #newyearnewme

Hana Walker-Brown (@hana_walker_brown) Instagram Profile Photo

Hana Walker-Brown

London, United Kingdom

After 6 months of dedicated hard work between London, Berlin and Bali, HWB is alive! Link up top☝🏽... . When I was thinking about the best people to help me relaunch my piece of the internet, “decent humans” was top of my list, right next to “professional” and “talented” obvs... . All three of those things I found in @lab_designdisplay & @franxisaugusto Francis... . Lenya’s skill, dedication and attention to detail is beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with. She took her time to get to know me as a person; curious about what inspires me, what drives me, what keeps me bold, fearless but also graceful in my execution of work. She went above and beyond to create the website and HWB brand. She has an exceptional eye, empathy and the patience of a saint (I’m busy remember guys...)To top it off we became firm friends along the way. . In terms of the images, classic headshots have never done it for me. I find that they can often feel impersonal or staged and that doesn’t really align with the spirit of what I put out into the world. I feel super awkward in front of a camera in that set up but there was something about the way @franxisaugusto shoots that I really loved. . He captures the essence of people in his photographs. They never feel still or posed, but rather like something is always about to happen, or is happening, and I get a real sense of the person or a story or something I can’t quite put my finger on that intrigues me... . Our shoot was loosely themed on touch, intimacy and a bit of yoga (natch) which meant MOVEMENT and the in MOTION. Never still. (It me.). . It was hot as outside but Francis and his assistant made it really fun and brought a sick playlist to boot. He also learnt a new word so I’d say it was a pretty decent exchange that day… . All in all I’m over the moon with HWB dot com. Check it out on ya mobile and desktop. Teamwork makes the dreamwork yo... . . . #newyearnewme

This part! 🙌🏽 I have some big ideas for this next school year, but I often let the opinions of others prevent me from going through with the ideas I have. I question myself endlessly. I’m a people pleaser 😊, both a blessing and a curse. Thank you @lucyhale for sharing. This will be my mantra this year!

🌸БОРЕЦ С ЖИРОМ🌸 (@getfitmarina) Instagram Profile Photo


БАНАНОВЫЕ ОЛАДУШКИ 🤤🤤🤤(видео-рецепт в сториз) ⠀ ⠀🍌2 банана ( лучше мягких) ⠀🍌2 яйца ⠀🍌1-2 ст ложки муки по желанию ⠀ ⠀🥞ломаем бананы на небольшие кусочки ⠀🥞разминаем их вилочкой ⠀🥞 добавляем яйца ⠀🥞 чтобы легче переворачивались, можно добавить немного рисовой или овсяной муки ⠀🥞взбиваем венчиком ⠀🥞 жарим на антипригарной сковороде ( я делала вообще без масла) ⠀🥞СОХРАНЯЕМ РЕЦЕПТ И СТАВИМ ЛАЙК ( это часть рецепта 😅) ⠀⠀ ⠀💛получаем 2 порции ⠀💛на 1 порцию (без муки) - 170ккал БЖУ 7/5/27 ⠀ ЕСЛИ ХОТИТЕ ЕЩЁ ТАКИХ ПРОСТЫХ И ПОЛЕЗНЫХ ДЛЯ ФИГУРЫ РЕЦЕПТОВ, сообщите об этом под постом 😇😇😇 ⠀

Lauren McHugh (@laurenswjourney) Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren McHugh

😍🤤 tonight’s treats! @skinnybakery Cookies & Cream pearls (10 syns), 2 x hifi bars (HEB) and a Coke Zero ☺️ Ending today on 10 syns 🙌

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