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Pictured is an image, captured by satellite, of the moon passing in front of Earth. This image may look photoshopped but it is 100 percent legitimate. NASA released the photograph, taken by a camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite. The image shows the fully illuminated “dark side” of the moon that is never visible from our humble planet. Don’t let your eyes deceive you — deep space does not look how it does in the movies. Sorry, J.J Abrams: “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” were both great, but the real outer space is even more amazing.

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SpaceX plans to fly two paying private citizens around the moon by late 2018. The trip would last about a week and travel deeper into space than any human has ventured before. SpaceX founder Elon Musk would not name the individuals, who approached the company for the flight. In a blog post, Musk said the mission "presents an opportunity for humans to return to deep space for the first time in 45 years, and they will travel faster and further into the Solar System than any before them." #facticle #funfact #factlyf #facts #science #space #earth #astronomy #nasa #astrophysics #moon #lunar #spacex #solarsystem #money #tesla Source: Image source:

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TESTIMONI!! Jangan Lewatkan INFO PENTING Ini ({}) Masih Ragu/Masih mikir 2 x untuk pakai Crystal x????? Karena Harganya Bun??? Padahal harga Crystal X gak sebanding dengan Khasiat yg sudah di buktikan jutaan wanita di luar sana,.. 1 Crystal X bsa untuk 4-5 bln bukanya HEMAT yh bundaaaa? Lebih penting mana perawatan wajah atau perawatan "MAHKOTA"? Lebih penting mencegah atau Mengobati? Lebih penting merawat atau melindungi? Mau mencegah sekarang atau besok? Pilih kena kanker serviks dulu baru mengobati atau mencegahnya dari sekarang? Pilih kena Kista atau mencegahnya dari sekarang? padahal kita tahu, masalah kewanitaan seperti keputihan adalah gejala awal dari penyakit mematikan no.1 di dunia.Cegah dan atasi keputihan, gatal dan bau tak sedap pada miss V dg Crystal x ASLI NASA. Jangan Tunggu Sakit y bunda :D Untuk konsultasi, order atau pemesanan sekarang juga bisa hubungi saya : YULIA BBM : D0E19FB1 SMS/WA : 089517352653 Terimakasih selamat beraktifitas kembali ;) Terimakasih selamat beraktifitas kembali 😊 SIAP SIAP ASET MASA DEPAN MELIMPAH #NASA #gracenasa #aylanasa #crystalx

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Our tour brings us to #Venus, Earth’s #evil #twin. Despite being the nearest planet in size to Earth, it’s the last place you’d want to visit. It's got a mean #temperatureof 464 °C (867 °F), which means it’s hotter than the toasted sun­-facing side of #Mercury. This is because of its #thick #atmosphereof mainly carbon dioxide, which has lead to a #runaway #greenhouseeffect. Venus stands out for its #pressureas well: nearly 100 times Earth’s. Not to speak about its famous opaque #cloudsof sulphur dioxide that rain sulphuric acid (which never reaches the surface though, because of the heat that turns it back to a gas while in midair). If you ventured on the planet you’d be #crushed, #suffocatedand #cooked- if you don’t fall in one of the many lava flows that cover the planet, which, for the record, is one of the most volcanically active objects in the whole Solar System. I think what Venus is trying to say is: BACK OFF! 🌋⛈️🌡️ #followme🤓 if you're enjoying my Solar System Tour #likemeon 😋 IMAGE CREDIT: False colour UV Venus image, processed from Clear and Blue and UV filters, Mariner 10, #NASA #death #extreme #cosmos #spaceexploration #astronauts #gps #satellite #journey

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© wait my father ask for Bush load = she ∆elle/she∆ key ∆ ©grenouille = français © c'était écrit dans les livres et scripts xyz = elle/lui = lol fils Jésus lol qui prendre conscience de ce qui EST bien où mal en dehors de elle en? hier dit non! La Matrice enregistre et fixe le sacrifice de l'espace temps-là hasard trouvera une autre fois par écran cellulaire matrice. lost in the space time(weather) the amnesia Factory is going to bring him(it) found One others question to pause it and it is going to erase of that memory(report) this piece of puzzles that she the key. T'es triste où Tetris? ® #portofmontreal​ #vladimirputin elle ça fille #portofmontreal #oconnor Hughes #pve #tommyleesparta #faz3 #king_abdulaziz_son #islamicquotes #jesus_messenger_of_allah #koreamovie #dancehallmusic Phantom? Him video tells him? Phantom? Him video phantom? Dis Y 5 démons=kid chez nous Merçi Kévin #souldiateams pour rien!! She... She... She... Lol fun bookOn échec & mathématiques le comique inact ® #NASA dis-y repeat après Moi dis y Hier dit non? À qui? De quoi? Non? Lavé vos péchés ou dit non elle veut pas te voir? Lavé? un péché pour un plus pesant l'OL Dis-y? Non? T'es perdu®2017 #rafcamoramiroir à qui? hanté par phantom passé ©2013 Dit Hier faut elle ce lave pis lui aussi? Lavé un péché pour Phantom? Dis-y c'est écrit que 1/3 un tiers des étoiles tomberont dû ciel? De où? Dis-y? De quoi? De rien, dis-y de partir? ©™ Songs xyz- dis-y Jean baptiste Jésus = suicide social assisté-Phantom - v Elle t'aime Raf-a-elle est-ce que elle t'a ignorer Him video tell phantom? , it looked who judges? qui prendre conscience de ce qui EST bien où mal en dehors de elle en? who(which)? It is in the eyes that she(it) it is lost Elle est programmée pour reprogrammer, essayer Pas comprendre, l'impensable, c'est à sens unique, comment veux tu qu'elle te l'explique? Repeat après Moi, je suis venue au monde 2017 #rafcamoramiroir à qui? hanté par phantom passé ©2013 Dit Hier faut elle ce lave pis lui aussi? #justintrudeau #universite #bookmark #donaldtrump2016 #papafrancisco #hhqc  #medias #kindle #nook #author #readinglist #literature #vaticancity #chrisbrownofficial #kidink #Eminem​

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TESTIMONI!! BYE-BYE... PAYUDARA LEMBEK & MELOROT !! Meskipun setelah hamil dan menyusui exlusif 2 tahun, tetap kencang dan montok lagi.. 😀 Hanya dengan AYLA BREAST CARE : ✅ Payudara akan Lebih padat berisi dan kencang! Saatnya membuat para pria, wanita & pasangan anda kagum pada anda! ✅ Penambahan ukuran bra yang proporsional! Bukankah itu idaman anda? ✅ Memperkuat sensualitas anda! Siapa sih yang tidak ingin di kagumi lawan jenis? anda setuju kan? ✅ Meningkatkan daya tarik seksualitas Dijamin pasangan anda akan makin lengket! ✅ Meningkatkan gairah pasangan anda! Payudara bukan segalanya! tapi jangan heran jika pasangan makin tergila-gila pada anda setelah anda terapkan metode dahsyat ini! ✅ Kepercayaan dan harga diri anda muncul anda akan menjalani hidup dengan penuh percaya diri & senyum mengembang! ✅ Membuat takjub pasangan anda seperti belum pernah anda alami sebelumnya! Mauuu?? Yuk Order Ayla Breast Care nya Sekarang Juga!! INFO PEMESANAN DAN KONSULTASI : ------------------------------------------------- »» HUBUNGI KAMI «« ► SMS & WHATSAPP » 089517352653 ► PIN BBM » D0E19FB1 #aylanasa #crystalx #gracenasa #NASA

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Bumi bernapas.. 😊 Video ini menunjukkan siklus perubahan musim di dunia. . Website: Facebook Page: Bagi Kertas Twitter: [at]bagikertas Line ID: [at]zvs4518b Instagram: [at]bagikertas Youtube Channel: Bagi Kertas #iklim #cuaca #musim #perubahaniklim #perubahanmusim #siklus #salju #bagikertas #lingkunganbagikertas #musimpanas #sains #musimsemi #musimgugur #musimdingin #citrasatelit #lingkungan #nasa #pemanasanglobal #dunia #unik #penelitian #fakta #faktaunik #ilmuwan #peneliti #bumi #science #pengetahuan #bernapas #iptek

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Take Back What Satan Has Stolen! Oh Mighty Warriors, one day ye shall hear, “Thou good and faithful child enter now in and rest but for a little while longer and your Bridegroom doth come.” Hold on tight to the hem of MY garment. Hold on tight and don’t let go. Though you get worn and weary, it’s for MY sake you suffer. For this is not your work, your ministry, but MINE. It’s for YAHUSHUA’s (Jesus’) sake you toil and you labor not in vain. For Dearest Beloved, hear the RUACH ha KODESH (Holy Spirit) telling you? Your riches MY beloved are stored up for you in Heaven your riches are the souls you have brought to ME, your riches are the gifts I have liberally given thee, your riches are the mighty prayer warriors that protect and support you with their prayers, your riches are being able to hear MY voice clearly, your riches are to know you are surrounded with a cloud of witnesses and they watch all you do and say, it’s for MY glory for MY sake you have done without. If those that say I am your friend and yet do not support you in small matters, will not be loyal in large matters, be aware not all who say Lord is MY child or servant. Not all who say friend is your friend.

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There is hardly anything more beautiful then the humanoid untouched universe 🌌 #universe #galaxy #nasa #nasaapod #iss #hubble #naturalbeauty

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Dr Robert Lanza, the author of #biocentrism, dubbed the 3rd most important scientist in the world by the #nytimessays it is our consciousness that creates our material universe, not the other way around... #wow #mindfulness #mindblown #physics #science #space #universe #nasa #consciousness #meditation #connected #wedontdie #oursoulliveson #lovescience #exploration #afterdeath #news #stanford #princeton #harvard

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The last time humanity set foot on the Lunar surface was the Apollo 17 mission in the December of 1972. Finally, it would seem, we're going back. Over night, SpaceX announced that they plan on returning not only trained crew, but even tourists, to the surface of the Moon in under 10 years, starting with a Manned Lunar flyby in the coming years. This is perhaps the most exciting news in space travel in the past years and could mark the start of the age of space tourism. Gene Cernan, the last Man on the Moon, who died last month, promised our return to he surface as he boarded the Apollo 17 lander and left the surface 45 years ago, and now it seems his promise is to be fulfilled. "As we leave the Moon at Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came, and God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind." - Gene Cernan, 1972 Image: Apollo/NASA (NBC News) #moon #lunar #surface #landing #nasa #spacex #returntothemoon #rocket #astronomy #spaceflight #elonmusk

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Ground Control to Major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.. #minvilmer #bowie #sportlov #spaceman #majortom #naturhistoriska #inspace #spaceoddity #inspiration⚡️💫🌑 #austronaut #vilmerärnånannan #nasa 🚀

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NASA astronotu Türkiye'yi uzaydan görüntüledi #stargazetesi #starcomtr #nasa #uzay #türkiye #jeffwilliams

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TRAPPIST-1, is an ultra-cool red dwarf star located some 39 light years away. TRAPPIST-1 is one of the smallest and coolest red dwarf stars known. In cosmic terms, it's not much larger than the planet Jupiter and it's about 2,000 times dimmer than our sun. Yet that doesn't stop this system from being one of the strangest ever discovered. Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 are seven Earth-sized planets, three of which orbit in the habitable zone and, as the astronomers have said, all seven could potentially be habitable given certain conditions. The research team, which as led by Michaël Gillon of the University of Liège in Belgium, originally studied the star using the TRAnsiting Planets and PlanetesImals Small Telescope (TRAPPIST), an instrument at the La Silla Observatory in Chile. Using TRAPPIST, the team detected three exoplanets around the star, TRAPPIST-1b, TRAPPIST-1c and TRAPPIST-1d, in May 2016. Yet follow up observations seemed to indicate that the transit of TRAPPIST-1d was caused by more than one planet. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope cleared this up and revealed that the signal of TRAPPIST-1d was caused by three different planets. Spitzer also confirmed the existence of an additional two more planets, adding up to seven in total. These seven planets are all roughly the same size and mass as Earth. The smallest is about 75% as massive as Earth, while the largest is about 10% more massive. Each of the seven planets orbit quite tightly to their star. Each of them orbits closer to TRAPPIST-1 than Mercury does to our sun. Yet due to the much smaller size of TRAPPIST-1, this is actually a good thing, being that the habitable zone is located much closer to the star. The orbital periods of the six inner planets range from 1.5 days to 12.4 days. The farthest planet completes one orbit ever 20 days. The discovery of this system is a milestone in the search for habitable worlds beyond the solar system and the search for life. I'm going to do detailed posts on each planet in the Trappist-1 system.

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Early Tuesday morning at work #soyuz #NASA #internationalspacestation #video

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🌍 もしかして…もしかして…本当にいるかもしれないー‼︎ 地球外生命‼︎(*`艸´) 皆さま、こんにちわ(^^). 幸せのパンケーキ堀江店は今日も、背後に地球外生命体の気配を感じながら。。皆さまのお越しをお待ちしております(o^^o) #幸せのパンケーキ堀江店 #幸せのパンケーキ #幸せ#happy #happypancake #pancake #cafe #cafestagram #horie #桜川#南堀江 #NASA #太陽系外惑星#39光年先#しかも7ツも#大きさは地球とほぼ同じ#3ツには水がある#海があるかも#ハビタブルゾーン#夢広がる#大発見#大発表#ドキドキ#宇宙は広い#この手の話大好きなんです#(๑>◡<๑) #bearstableosaka #bearstable #wedding

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