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Dogs and bond ever! #mydaddyateanapple

Eunae Bae (@eunaebae) Instagram Profile Photo

Eunae Bae

#mydaddyateanapple 📚 😁 아이가 수시로 들여다 보게 만드는 매력있는 책 그림을 하나하나 보며 이야기를 하게 만드는 마성의 책 ㅎㅎ 음원으로 들어있는 노래가 반복되는 패턴이라 My daddy ate an apple 을 자연스레 흥얼흥얼 따라불러요

Eunae Bae (@eunaebae) Instagram Profile Photo

Eunae Bae

🍯 #mydaddyateanapple 아이가 즐거워 하는게 눈이 보이는 재미있는 그림책 ㅎㅎ 시간가는줄모르고 몸을 흔들며 읽었어요 ㅎㅎ 음원이 노래로 되있어서 정말 재밌어 하네요

Sue-Ling Lau (@madamlau888) Instagram Profile Photo

Sue-Ling Lau

As I was getting dinner ready tonight I found .... and all of a sudden I have the song “my daddy ate an apple an apple an apple, my daddy ate an apple with a green worm inside” playing on repeat #mydaddyateanapple

Well that's us. Book week done and dusted! Did you survive? Piper & I made her into a fuzzy one a buzzy one a great big fat juicy one! Pretty impressed. 😂 💚 #mydaddyateanapple Pretty happy to be done.

Jenny Palmer (@alittleink) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenny Palmer

A Little 5min afternoon tea party setup for some today after the most precious visit from two amazing great grandparents (Nan and Gorgi) and a gorgeous grantie @drklpalmer 🐛💩🤢 Side note: Can’t believe someone as squeamish as me has such toilet humour loving Little Ones! 🤔😂 Luckily we have lovely, tolerant family! It’s definitely a recurrent theme in our house right now that’s for sure 😳🤣 #mydaddyateanapple

Portobello Treats & Sweets (@portobellotreatsandsweets) Instagram Profile Photo

Portobello Treats & Sweets

Portobello, New Zealand

Wonky donkey man is coming to our lawn on the 28th of January! Two shows! 10:30am and 2pm! #mydaddyateanapple

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