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I have a lot of cook books, nearly 200 and counting as my lovely wife will tell you, it’s really inspiring looking through vintage cook books discovering recipes of old, trying them out, tweaking some and experimenting, although sometimes it best to leave as is and stick to the original. #mrsbeeton

Frances Brinklow (@ignitelights) Instagram Profile Photo

Frances Brinklow

Royston, Barnsley, United Kingdom

Can't wait to share a traditional Victorian picnic with a Year Two class in Barnsley tomorrow after we perform a Punch and Judy show with handmade puppets to their parents. #mrsbeeton

Stretford Canteen (@stretfordcanteen) Instagram Profile Photo

Stretford Canteen

Sundays are for research 😄 #mrsbeeton

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Jane Hubbard

First home made strawberry jam. Feeling domesticated. #mrsbeeton 🍓

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sarah finney. vintage for sale

A bit of another mad auction buy, but I a fully fledged member of CCA (cookbook collectors anonymous). This is a small selection of the books I got yesterday. Need to go through them and work out which to keep and which to sell. Wish me luck! . . . . . #mrsbeeton

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Alex Ryder | Gingey Bites

O L D 👩‍🍳 I spent a good portion of this weekend talking about and looking at old cookbooks with @mrssbilton and then @theregencycook. They are such wonderful things - snapshots of food trends and cooking styles which perhaps don’t exist anymore. I wonder if in future generations, people will be as in awe of my collection of Jamie Oliver and Hairy Bikers books! 😂 Do you have any old cookbooks? Do you have a favourite? #mrsbeeton

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