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School Of Domestic Science (@alison_rose_violet) Instagram Profile Photo

School Of Domestic Science

Who would spend time organising their huge box of vintage flea market find wooden spoons! Here at school of domestic science and home management we don’t think you can be too organised according to Mrs Beaton and my domestic science teacher it is only the most organised housewife who is renowned and revered as a domestic mr Phippen’s woodwork class at Nailsea comprehensive it was a different matter all together #mrsbeaton

Derek Jones-Bennett (@hausofdjb) Instagram Profile Photo

Derek Jones-Bennett


A little occurred tonight ! 😜and anyone who knows me know I like me a glass of to get me through the cooking ha ha ha ha . . . . . . . . . . . #MrsBeaton

John Loughran (@jlcookeatdrink) Instagram Profile Photo

John Loughran

I don’t usually have basic white bread in the cupboard, but because I had some left over from a recipe, it gave me an excuse to finally try this austerity classic: the toast sandwich. The key is lots of butter on the bread that is then melted by the heat of the toast ‘filling’. A simple way to explore the texture and flavour of bread two ways! . . . #mrsbeaton

Officially official ❤️ #mrsbeaton 😂

Dorothy Grace Laity (@dglaity1) Instagram Profile Photo

Dorothy Grace Laity

Big success with the cake adapted from #MrsBeaton - even himself had some. Of course, it did have just under 2.5 bottles of port fed to it.

Cookbook nook all set up in time for some last-minute holiday baking! 🍪 👩‍🍳 #mrsbeaton

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