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Happy Sweet Sixteen to @njskateshop. We couldn’t imagine the State of New Jersey or the state of skateboarding without you!! 🎨 @gfergason. . . . . . . #monmouthcounty


The expert craftsmanship that goes into every custom piece carefully created at ® sets us apart from the rest, and has made us a trusted jeweler for over 40 years. 💎 Visit our showroom on Broad Street in historic today through Saturday, or call for an appointment: 732-531-8787.

Cairo, Egypt

new home?? You will find out all the solutions for your requirements under one roof at reasonable cost. Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Makeover Design. Before remodeling or makeover your bathroom, consider the budget first, to get the best type of materials for your bathroom space and help you set the boundaries of your bathroom design. This budget will help you deciding the items that you want to replace easier. Consider to choose an eco-friendly product that great for your health, have a great design, chemical -free, function better and lowers utility bills. Consider refinishing existing items such as bathtub, shower, sink, or tile, and avoid big renovation. Do not move your plumber, because this project will robe your bank account. Be creative and use your DIY skill very well that will save much money and, but if you are bad at DIY stuff, just left to the pros. Another option to update your bathroom is by changing out the hardware that will make a big impact to your space; drawer pulls, faucet handles, showerheads, etc. Check out these best bathroom remodel ideas and makeover design ideas below to inspire you Unique Modern Bathroom !!!! Do you like this design? So excited to announce that most of our interior designs collections are new designs and unique, We welcome your questions and inquiries 👨‍💻👨‍🎨 Dream House interior and furniture 🏠 for more designs you can follow us on Facebook page: #monmouthcounty


Classic ® design with a romantic touch. 💎 . Call for more information: 732.531.8787.

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The Home Advisor Pro

Monmouth County, New Jersey

“Whatever your wheelhouse is, just give it back” Adam Ely of @hardluck405 on the latest episode of @returningthefavorshow with @mikerowe . I’ve been blessed to learn some great trades by some great people and in honor of what Adams doing at and the help and blessings that have been given to me I’d like to give back. . style. . If you know if someone who’s come down on some hard times. Maybe they couldn’t fix that door or loose steps. Maybe they are a disabled vet and is just unable to take care of the small repair items. Or a small family that needs some unsafe conditions fixed so they can worry about something other than what will hurt their kids. . Message me with you or their story and need and i will choose one or more people in the upcoming weeks. . Location is limited to Monmouth Co NJ right now. . I will provide the labor for the repair. You provide the supplies and if you can’t, we will figure a way of making it happen. . Please share share share. So many people need a hand. No matter how big or small. And if your in the trades and would like to be apart of this, reach out! . . .

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Megan Horowitz

Remedy Eleven

She dances with the spirit of the Sun, loves with the strength of wild water, moves with the moods of the moon, and creates with the will of the winds. She is wild. She is woman. ((Brooke Hampton)) . We are halfway through the first month of our Teen Transformation Circle @remedyeleven The goal of this talking circle was to encourage the girls to reveal their passion, beauty, and dreams, as well as their fears, problems, and insecurities. I wanted to hold space for them to speak their truth from their hearts. ♡ It has been equally as transformative and rewarding for me to watch and learn from the girls each week! It's incredible! ♡

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