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Michael Sanders (@bethechange44) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Sanders

South Philadelphia

So this photo was taken of the sky. It was taken from google from my perspective back up to the satellite as far as I can tell. If you look center of picture due slightly nw. Thats where this photo snipers helper is hiding the clouds. I really wanted to throw my phone into the river after that. We have been part machine since the advent of external organs. Raido and television began infulenicing our choices. They tell us how to feel things. The internal vastness of this Sophial matter in this dome just above our hearts can be no less than what there is in the rest of the cassims in the rest of understanding in all that there is. We are that. We are this. Walk and be charged with purpose and confidence, as we live in divine accordance with what directly feeds us. #monitors

Cyrus Coxswain (@cyruscoxswain) Instagram Profile Photo

Cyrus Coxswain

my #monitors with 😉 apparently it’s an industry so 🤫🤣

September Rain (@septemberrainstore) Instagram Profile Photo

September Rain

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Fernando Schmidt (@candyfilmss) Instagram Profile Photo

Fernando Schmidt

Barra Velha

Que bom poder estar um pouco ao seu lado filhão, hoje a coisa que mais sinto falta quando estou viajando é da minha esposa e desse meninão aí, que vive fazendo arte e deixando a mãe dele louca. E é nosso amor maior de todos! ❤️

Vigour Mind (@vigourmind) Instagram Profile Photo

Vigour Mind

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Griz loves her dubias! Thanks to our employee, Amanda, for the video!

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