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mawl e. mitch hell (@mollymonophonic) Instagram Profile Photo

mawl e. mitch hell

Y’all! Look who’s here! Fiction Tales by Modern Eon. This album is crazy good, and I honestly don’t know how I made it 25 years without having listened to Modern Eon before. If you’re unfamiliar, do yourself a fav and check it out. Thank you SO much to @things.that.spin and my record savior @jefreywith1f_ for pointing me in the right direction to snag this LP.🌟🌟 . . . . . . #moderneon

S Fraser 🍺 (@sfraser28) Instagram Profile Photo

S Fraser 🍺

Modern Eon - Fiction Tales (1981) This is is about as good as it can get in the early 80’s English post-punk music scene. The band only released one album and I don’t believe it has ever been remastered ever for digital age. #moderneon

Choreography🔸Modern Eon #moderneon

Eric D. Augustine - POCKETS (@pockets_macabre) Instagram Profile Photo

Eric D. Augustine - POCKETS

One of my favorite records I own. #ModernEon

It’s always nice to go back and focus on a bands complete catalogue verses just a song or two. Giving it the undivided attention it deserves. #moderneon

Vinyl Monkey (@winty67) Instagram Profile Photo

Vinyl Monkey

MODERN EON were a band formed in in ...Their only Album was 'Fiction Tales' released in June via DinDisc Records... It had moderate success peaking at No:65 in The Album Chart.. 🐒 #moderneon 🤓🐵😶

Thor's Kittiez Cover 🌠 Ragnar ( Instagram Profile Photo

Thor's Kittiez Cover 🌠 Ragnar

'Euthenics' Photo - inspired by the Modern Eon single of the same name. #moderneon

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