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Prevention of XML External Entities : Keep your XML parser updated as the updates contain security patches, Try using JSON instead of XML as it is more efficient and less insecure, Keep disabled the XML external entity (XML external transfers) of your applications, afterall why allow the data transfer if it has nothing to do with the way you will use the application, Implement whitelisted fltering, serverside input validation and data sanitization. Example: ]> &xxe; Here the hacker tries to fetch confidential data of an unnsuspecting user. --- #mobilesecurity  

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When you take into consideration our interconnected lifestyles today, we must consider how to balance security, privacy and functionality.... - Article credit👇🏼 - Stay Safe Online🛡

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How safe is your mobile in comparison?!⠀ .⠀ #MobileSecurity

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International Convention Centre Sydney - ICC Sydney

Join us next week at NoVacancy Hotel+Hospitality Business Expo! 24-25 July 2019, ICC Sydney. Stand 413. VIP Guest passes via link in bio. . . . . . #mobilesecurity

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