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Ahmedabad, India

*Help Us Build A Mobile Library & A Public Water Filter* When we first heard about New Faisalnagar, we were -of course- outraged. Displaced community, poorly planned urbanism, privatized water supply, no healthcare or educational facilities, institutional negligence, muddy roads. You name it. We found a particularly distinct environment bursting with injustice and discontent, which nevertheless mirrored a common situation in countless settings of the global south. However, is always a matter of approaching apparent conditions of oppression in order to understand the underlying signs of defiance. What we have found in New Faisalnagar is not only a fertile ground for emerging humanitarian organizations but -mostly- a community that has actively engaged with the improvement and development of their own environment through small everyday actions. We have found many people that have proactively come forward to say “let’s fix our neighbourhood, let’s build it together… let’s do it ourselves!” We want to be part of this initiative... For more details click on the link in my bio. *payments through paytm and upi available *You can also do a bank transfer to the below mentioned account:* Account number: 8080811090559 Account name: Kruti Shah IFSC code: YESB0CMSNOC #mobileinfrastructure

szukałam sobie kawy z lodem, a znalazłam trzy różne kontenery #mobileinfrastructure

Mal ein kleiner Cableporn zum langen Wochenende! Wir wünschen euch schöne Feiertage! #mobileinfrastructure

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