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ICE thugs terrorising the streets of the US in a recent wave of raids⠀ - Immigration controls aren’t just about barbed-wire fences and border check points⠀ - Immigration enforcement also requires intimidating whole communities with the constant threat of deportation - #migrantrights

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Alex Randall

“Crisis in Chad. Convoy arrival of 16 trucks and 2,500 returnees, escorted by Chadian military starts to arrival in Gore on 31 Jan. (Photo IOM / Craig Murphy)⠀ ⠀ rights

Minneapolis, Minnesota

They broke a mans window when he refused to open his door because they refused to show him their warrant. Advocates who asked about the warrant were also threatened - telling them to back off or they would be shot. This was in my city. I won’t be quiet. This isn’t what the country I grew up with was supposed to stand for. ICE is new. The cages are new. We don’t have to be quiet and wait for them to come for us. We have to get something done. 🔥 . . . . #migrantrights

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Johanna Falzone

With everything that’s happening, I encourage all of you to watch, Who is Dayani Cristal? It’s a documentary with @gaelgarciab tracing the steps of “Dayani Cristal” (I’m not giving anymore than that away.) . . . . @cananafilmscasting1 rights

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