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Blue Command™️ (@bluecommandapparel) Instagram Profile Photo

Blue Command™️

“You are a F****” 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 “No, You are a F*****” “That’s not true - you are the F******” And it goes on And on And on And on Like a dog chasing its tail You get very good at going nowhere It’s a mistake we all make Emotions are running high You are seething with anger You are bursting with frustration The pressure gets to you You lose your head Over something Arnold Schwarzenegger used to tell other builders that they looked too skinny They should eat tons of salt And add 10lbs to their weight So they looked more muscular His competitors took his advice And lost They looked too soft and watery They were not confident in their vision Schwarzenegger knew this They lost their nerve Schwarzenegger kept his nerve So what is the key to getting things done? It’s simple Don’t get lost in things that don’t matter Because The small things are the things that will derail your vision Think about “The Big Picture” Say it to yourself Big Picture Big Picture Big Picture 🌅🏞🌄🛤 tyle

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Roxanns Of Fort Langley

Roxann's of Fort Langley

Happy Monday! ☀️🐎 With the Deighton Cup fast approaching, we are offering a new promotion! 10% off your purchase of select dress hat styles and fascinators for the Deighton Cup! Show this post at our register and we will apply the discount.🤳This promotion runs July 15th - 19th so hurry in this week to Roxann’s Hats! 🛍✨

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Dorit Young

London Borough of Islington

My jazz musician friend Dhev is very pleased with his classic unisex straw bowler. He loves the cool & airy texture of the sisal weave. 💨👌 . To commission this hat or any other special occasion headwear please email. My hats evolve as unique collaborations between client and maker. 🎩👒🎓 . . . . #menshatstyle

Blue Command™️ (@bluecommandapparel) Instagram Profile Photo

Blue Command™️

What are my goals? Read on.... Life is a journey It's a marathon They say it’s mountains and valleys Progress comes in bursts I don't set flashy goals Like being a World Cup Winner Or being the richest man alive Or inventing time travel Those opportunities are progressions all those people started at zero In my experience The most successful people Never imagined they would make it They just did the thing they enjoyed Became very good at the thing they enjoyed And never gave up Great achievements are a bundle of progressions Small wins add up to big wins over time When this business was started Flat caps were not even on my radar My goals have nothing to do with business I want to deliver a premium experience I want people to enjoy their experience Your experience is all that matters to me I work long hours I work for free Neither of these things bother me I enjoy the process I like success I understand success takes time The number one thing I would like to do Is to help people Many people have helped me Many people have given me good advice Some people I don’t even talk to anymore But I owe them I have a duty to them I must repay their faith in me One way or another So my goals are clear Like any man - I love Gold, Frankincense & myrrh You can never have enough of it But after it has served its purpose I want to help the people who helped me And I will. tyle

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